Aortic Plexus


Aortic Plexus

There is one centre, called the Swadisthan which manifests the aortic plexus within us (1989-0801); This second subtle centre… the Swadisthan… (1981-0928)… via control of the Aortic plexus (1987-0500)… controls the liver, pancreas, spleen, uterus (1981-0928) and part of the intestines and kidneys (1987-0500), and also the ovaries (1984-0313), and also converts fat cells in the stomach for the use of the brain (1981-1005); Now… when you are thinking, the cells of the brain are replaced every minute… by the fat that is in your stomach… by this centre of Swadisthan… in the gross expressed as this Aortic Plexus (1982-1008)… and so if the control of the Swadisthan is diverted… away from the organs… to the provision of fat cells… for the use of the brain… this can then result in diseases such as blood cancer, and diabetes from unhealthy spleen or pancreas respectively (1989-0801; 1987-0500; 1981-1005); This centre has six sub plexuses (1984-0708)

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