Art is such that it should stop your thoughts, yet in the West, art is such that it creates thought, and also in the West it is now starting to show much that is filth. The art that we appreciate should be that art which gives vibrations (1981-1103); All the great paintings, all the great creative works of the world have vibrations… only those that have vibrations have been sustained by time – otherwise all other things, are destroyed by Nature (1983-0113); Italians are known for their art… they make beautiful things (1997-1004)

Criticism… of art for example… by people who themselves do not know how to even draw one pencil line properly, leave alone painting anything… has killed so many artists. Art has something to do with your heart, and not with your brain. An artist produces something for his joy… but if he has to think ‘what people will say’… ‘that he will be criticised by everyone’… then as a result of that something absolutely absurd grows, without any subtle expression – and which is today appreciated (1989-0423)

Once you start ‘thinking’, then there’s a barrier between the Spirit and you – in any art or in any deftness… that’s how the creativity, the spontaneity is finished… by thinking. So do everything in silence… in thoughtless awareness… that’s the main point (1980-0907)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

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1983-0113.2 L Mooladhara & Supraconscious, Dhulia (incl 30 min Med’n) good 60 1989-0423 Archangel Shri Hanumana – Margate good 45

1997-1004.1 Nature & Balance, evening before Navaratri, Cabella good 1997-1004.2 MUSIC – Evening Program, Cabella

– end – 25 Dec 2002