Is only possible through Kundalini awakening (1983-0129); Your Kundalini has all the powers to make you the highest of highest. There are no limits… but you must have confidence in yourself, and confidence in Sahaja Yoga… and… sincerity (1986-0706); There is a common belief, that once we get Realisation we should be perfect – it is not so, we have to work it out – to sustain our Sahaja Yoga. We must not take it for granted (1979-0507); Once you ascend, the whole Cosmos can look after your problems… but first you must ascend into the Kingdom of God… that is the main point is (1988-0921)

Some people come, get their Realisation and just enjoy for 5 or 6 weeks, or months or maybe hours, and then go back again to the same. At the very beginning, ego and superego get sucked in, but then they come back again. But when you start giving this Divine Power to others, you start gradually deepening into your own being, and feeling your source of Joy – life becomes full of Joy and happiness (1979-0507) Our level has to come up, we have to go higher. But Sahaja Yoga is such a cosmopolitan thing – there are from the worst to the best, all together. Those on the periphery are a problem. But we have to see that those on the periphery are brought in properly, so that they don’t go out of Sahaja Yoga. Everybody has to come up to minimum standards at least, so they are not sieved out (1983-0723.1)

There’s no discipline I’m told, of getting up early in the morning and doing meditation – what are you doing… how are you going to grow… you have to meditate – that’s the only way you can do it… those who do not meditate will become superficial… they’ll not achieve… they’ll create problems: if they are right sided, they’ll become Supraconscious, they’ll become bhoots… if they are left sided, they’ll be thrown out. You can see it in the Cistine Chapel… you see Christ throwing them out, one by one. Just listening to me is not sufficient… it must grow… actualisation of the growth of the thing is needed… do you follow that (1985-0629)

Everybody is ascending individually… whatever is your relationship to someone, you are not responsible for their ascent, you cannot help them for their ascent. Only Mother’s Grace, and their own desire, their own efforts to give up all that is 3-dimensional, will help (1976-0330); It is important to realise that we should respect Shri Ganesha within us… the innocence, the chastity… that is the first step towards our ascent (1986-0803)

If you are here… to gain lots of ascending steps… you have to have your eyes upwards and not downwards… you must see what steps there are… you have to climb up those steps… and with those steps where do you enter… I will tell you… in that beautiful garden… fragrant garden of your Self… which is so beautiful. Instead of that… if you are lost in the mire of the world, as so many are lost… then why have you come to Sahaja Yoga. Give up those nonsensical ideas… try to take to Spirituality… pure Spirituality – purity is the word… purity you must have… and that purity within, you can easily establish with Sahaja Yoga (2001-0321)

So one has to be all the time ascending. Ascent has to be achieved… and that ascent is only possible when we start giving up all these ties and tags that we have… these ties and tags keep us down… so get over that (1985-0310)

The first step is to hold on to innocence, to chastity. The second step is to move into dharma, to aesthetics, then on to generosity, and then to ‘becoming what we stand for’ i.e. no hypocrisy (1986-0305); We move into dharma, by consuming that which is wrong, by meditation and prayer. Then, at the heart, our emotions become compassion, which is benevolent, Hita. Then we rise to the stage where we are in the ‘public’, and we circulate and talk about the decadence of society. Here we remember that we are part and parcel of Mother’s body, and therefore we must keep our body and thoughts ‘ok’ – pure and sensible, so that we do not trouble our Mother (1986-0305)

We then move up to ‘tapa’, where we sacrifice, without feeling the sacrifice… work without feeling it as a sacrifice – it is the most satisfying thing, when we enjoy these sacrifices. At the brain where are the roots, where is the truth, we become humble, respectable, loving, forgiving and joyful (1986-0305)

If you fritter away your attention without chastity, it spreads out with no form, no shape – but if you delimit it, then you become higher and higher, and you can rise higher in you spiritual life (1985-0901); Only those who correct their left Vishuddhi, by being in the centre and not feeling guilty, and by watching themselves, facing themselves, giving themselves shocks and correcting themselves, only those will ascend (1985-0901); Balance is needed for your ascent (1983-0512); If you do not try to ascend, then you will remain at the same stage even when you grow old (1985-0000.1)

The only way one can ascend in Sahaja Yoga is through putting the roots down… allow the roots to grow – unless and until the roots grow, the tree cannot grow. In the subtle system… it’s the other way round… the roots are in the head… and you have to nourish by becoming thoughtless… by not making the cells to think, by resting them… by peace within. You have to work it out here in your head… it has to go into your awareness… how?… by meditation (1985-0629)

You’ll be surprised… it’s like climbing a big… you can say a mountain… but, when you have reached the peak… you can see everything very well… and you feel so satisfied that you are at the peak. So that climbing part… even… some of you have to do it… it is alright… there is no problem… you can do it. You must have respect for yourself… love yourself… and understanding, that you have to reach the peak… peak of the mountain (2000-0507) And once you have reached the peak of the mountain… you will know you are there… and then you start showering all your love and affection – everything… flows down the mountain. If that is the life for you, it’s the greatest type of life… forget all other people who are supposed to be great… forget them… you are much higher than them… because you are already chiselled like a diamond… with the Sahaj style of life… which is very satisfying… also which is very much absolutely peace giving. It gives you joy… peace… capabilities… so many things that you cannot count… like the thousand petals of your Sahastrara which are enlightened. This is such a tremendous area… once you are in the thousand petals. From there people have gained all the knowledge about science… all the great discoveries are from there (2000-0507)

First see how humble we are… that is your decoration… your beauty. You should have self esteem… and with that you will become humble… you’ll become very loving. So you have your love which is pure, without any lust or greed in it. Secondly you are blessed with peace… you are absolutely at peace with yourself… and you will be amazed… with peace, wisdom will come in… you will be regarded as the wisest man, the wisest woman… because you are at peace with yourself. Only in peace you can discover the truth… you can discover every solution that you want to… you become very wise and sensible person… outstandingly great. Then you have joy… you enjoy everything… every company… every incident… every scene. Every happening in your life… you know how to enjoy (2000-0507)

Once you have got your Realisation… and once you have become ‘one’ with the Divine… then there is no question of your going down… unless and until you yourself want to go down. It’s very remarkable how you get this… and after that you don’t lose it… of course, first you must grow… and for that you have to meditate… but this meditation, once you do it… the whole being itself gets so enlightened, and so beautiful, that you don’t want to change it… you want to be there and enjoy it for ever (2000-0507)

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