Too much regulation of ashrams is not allowed… you are all independent, free Sahaja Yogis (1988-1221); In ashrams we have to be responsible… like people never put off the lights. There is a switch, which should be for ‘off’ as well as ‘on’… it’s not only for putting ‘on’; Then we should not waste food… we have no business to waste food… that’s why you never have money; You have to eat that food with some prayer… bless that food, thank God that you have got that food… then the satisfaction comes in better (1985-0421); Ashrams you can pay for… but not your Realisation (1983-1001)

The Ashram is under the control of Shri Rama… and to get rid of an Ashram problem… is to remember Shri Rama… because he is the embodiment of all the good qualities in a man… like Sankoch… you see there is a Sankoch. Not… sort of… to go to somebody’s house… and then… to start demanding… this and that. You should be… worried… how far to go with a person… how far to talk to a person… how far to go with your wife… with your children… you see… all that is Sankoch. Sankoch means… restraint… in a wise way… enlightened restraint… how far to go is the question (0.0012)

Those people who live in the ashrams are better off always than the people who live alone… always… they will always have better results than the people who live alone. Maybe they live alone because they want to have a little private life… but their privacy is not going to help them at all… the more you live together… reside together… enjoy together… there will be greater chances of your advancement… the more you will try to make yourself private… or try to get out of it… whatever explanation you may give… God understands very well… and there’s a big problem for you. You should enjoy more the company of Sahaja Yogis, than your own private company in the dingy room of yours. That is one thing you can judge yourself… the judgement is your own (1986-0823)

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– end – 13 Jun 2003