Aspect of the One God, e.g. Witness Aspect, the Mother, Creator, Sustainer, Master etc.; The Deities (1983-1001); Mother: I am Krishna… I am Mataji… I am Christ… so much so ‘One’… that you cannot imagine how much oneness is there… such a union exists (1980-1116)

The Aspects that take forms are definite Aspects of God… the Witness Aspect of God doesn’t take any incarnation on this Earth… so only incarnations are taken… by those that are certain Aspects of God… like, the Primordial Mother is the Power of God… the Divine Power of God… that’s the Aspect. Then, we can say… the Creator has taken twice, a form… then the Sustainer, the one who gives us sustainance, evolution, has taken at least ten forms… these are Incarnations. Then the Primordial Master has taken ten forms basically… but there are many forms the Primordial Master has taken. Then some powers of the Mother of the Universe, have also taken forms… so like that… certain Aspects take forms… which help our evolution – that’s what the Deities are (1983-1001)

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Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1980-1116 New Age – Plaw Hatch Seminar good 70 1983-1001 Santa Cruz interview good 45

– end – 7 Jun 2003