First of all your attitude has to be alright… in Sahaja Yoga I see that people who don’t have good attitudes can never progress… doesn’t matter if your vibrations are bad… doesn’t matter… they’ll be alright… so you should see how much collective you are… how much you help each other… how much you are kind to each other… this is very important to introspect and find out… more than anything else (1995-0625)

The attitude of a Sahaja Yogi towards a non Sahaja Yogi should be… of helping… of supporting… of sharing… but I must warn you, there are some Sahaja Yogis who will try to have their own party… they are very power oriented… they will have an exclusive party… it is a very dangerous sign… it is a cancer – everything should be collective. Anybody who does that kind of thing, you should know is a possessed person… and you will be harmed if you follow such a person. We are all collective… we have to know everything among each other… and we have to live like one family, all over the world. Once you develop that kind of a love for everyone, then you will be surprised, you have become a great personality – that means… the drop becomes the ocean (1996-0716)

In the realm of God, we have to be meaningful to him… not that he should be meaningful to us. We should change our attitude towards him… we should say… what have we done for God… then you will get ideas what is to be done… how to work it out (1985-0310)

To substantiate your purity… to be fragrant with your purity… your attention should be on the other side. Now you are not facing the Mother… you are sitting with the Mother facing the whole world… so the whole attitude will change. The attitude should be… what can I give… how can I give… what is my mistake in giving… I have to be more alert… where is my attention… what am I doing… what is my responsibility. You must desire that you should be pure… pure desire… that you should be the Spirit. Then your responsibility to Sahaja Yoga… what is your responsibility to Sahaja Yoga… which is the work of God that has started… and you… are my hands. You have to do the work of God… you have to fight the anti-God elements… the satanic elements. You are not responsible for your families any more. Now the forces are gathering in such a way that the sorting out will start. Your responsibility to yourself is to be the Spirit… is to understand Mother better… to understand this mechanism within you… how this mechanism works out everything… how to become a Guru yourself… to be a dignified and a glorified personality… to be a respectable person… and not a cheap personality. Every one of you is worth the whole Universe… if you want to rise to that height… to that magnitude… it is within you to prosper (1982-1219)

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– end – 6 May 2003