The power of Shri Ganesha, and which is the magnet within Mother Earth, and within you, and which is Pure Love (1986-0907); Try to develop your purity and holiness, and a powerful holiness and a powerful auspiciousness, which does not get contaminated… but fights whatever is anti-God, whatever is anti-Christ (1982-1226); The Chaitanya, which exists in the atoms and molecules as vibrations, which expresses itself in the plant kingdom as ‘life force’… and which is expressed in the animals where it binds them, is expressed in human beings as auspiciousness, and ultimately as Holiness (1987-0102)

Now we must understand what is auspicious… what is not auspicious… if we understand this… then we will understand that we can overcome the binding of matter. For example, how we sit in a program… the pose… the way we sit… is not important so much… but the auspiciousness of sitting… is… have you Reverence in your mind… when you are sitting, there should be reverence… are you sitting in a surrendering mood. So again I tell you… auspiciousness is what is within you… what you think about it… what is happening to you… are you feeling reverence within you. Auspiciousness is very important for Sahaja Yogis… because all that they do should be auspicious. When you speak, it should be auspicious – many people have a habit of speaking very inauspicious things… like we invite somebody to our house for a party… and we say something hurtful to them… or tell a dirty joke at a time when there is a wedding going on – Hell is nothing but inauspicious living (1978-1002)

Most of Tantrism has come out of inauspiciousness… Pantheism is nothing but inauspicious mastery. Before the Deity… before the Gods, if you do something extremely inauspicious, you make the attention of the Gods and all it’s protection to get out… and then you do all satanic things… this is the basis of all these tantriks (1978-1002)

When you are using the matter, see the auspiciousness of it… see the auspiciousness of the things that you are using. At random we buy things… we buy clothes. If you could… use your vibratory awareness to buy your things… to see what you should buy, what would look nice… because beauty and auspiciousness go hand in hand… they are not ‘two things’. Beauty is a thing that gives joy to your Spirit, and auspiciousness is the same, which gives joy to your Spirit – all other beauty is no beauty. So for a Sahaja Yogi, it is necessary to use all the matters which are auspicious. Now auspicious matters which are important matters must be kept at a higher level always… for example our Mother’s photograph is very auspicious… you don’t put it on the ground… nor do you trample over it (1980-0927); When you see some sort of a painting which is not auspicious, you should refuse to see such a painting… you should avoid seeing such a painting, because it is not going to give you any joy… any happiness (1980-0927); Sahaja Yogis should not aspire for worldly success, and worldly things… but for auspiciousness… so that they get the Blessings of God (1978-1002)

In simple Indian villages, people try to be nice, congenial, good… how? by understanding auspiciousness… an auspicious presence is soothing, comforting, absorbing, beautiful… and this auspiciousness… how do you develop… you should do little Aarti to my photograph… is a good idea (1980-0927)

Today is an auspicious day because 21st is an auspicious day for us… and today is Monday… and 7th month… all combined together… and it’s a very auspicious evening (1980-0721); You find a horseshoe is auspicious… do you know that in modern times the symbol of Sahaja Yoga is a horseshoe shaped… it has many meanings… but why that shape is auspicious people did not know. People do not know why one thing is auspicious… and another thing is not auspicious. Now this has been in England for years… people were using horseshoe as an auspicious thing… and it is… 100%… the shape of a horseshoe emits vibrations… you can see for yourself… that the shape… is the shape how the Shakti moves… how the power moves… always like this… elliptical… like if I love this person, the vibrations will go like this… and embrace her and then will come back… but it can be 360 degrees it moves. The whole creation took place by the movement of the Shakti like this. Now when you have a shape… or a form… or a kind of an assemblage of certain factors… in a particular… material could be… could be a particular tree… could be a human being… then you find from that person – only the Realised Souls can feel – vibrations coming. Whatever emits vibrations is auspicious… and auspiciousness is the quality by which we emit vibrations (1980-0721)

Now purity is a very relative word in modern times… people don’t understand even what is normal, leave alone purity… everybody seems to be abnormal or subnormal in modern times… nobody seems to be normal… even the psychologists can’t define what is ‘normal’ is. Normal… is that which is auspicious (1980-0721)

Now you all know that there’s something about Stonehenge… but what… these are the stones which have come out of Mother Earth… which are emitting vibrations… and the covering of that has been done later on… some people did not understand how these stones came out one after another… so they must have covered it up… but if they were Saints they would have said that… these stones have vibrations (1980-0721)

Auspiciousness can only be felt by people who are Realised Souls… or people who are sensitive to Spirituality… those who are not sensitive cannot feel it… they do not understand… but children… not all… but many children can feel the auspiciousness… dogs can feel it… rats and snakes can feel it… Tigers and Lions can feel it… but human beings are rather difficult. Horses can feel it… they feel it very much… if you take them near say a place where there are spirits… or we can say some sort of a burial ground… they would not like to go down there much… first they would resist… but gradually they also get used to it… same with dogs… they can feel… a man who is a Realised Soul… who is not… they can even feel an evil person… they are very sensitive. A dog can always feel a Saint… even a mad dog can be controlled by a Saint. This feeling of auspiciousness can be felt from the heart… not from the brain… not from the ego or superego (1980-0721)

Now Blake… the one who is the poet you have… really I would say… after Shakespeare. I wonder if Shakespeare was one man, or many people put together… but Blake was the poet you had… the greatest of all I would say. There were so many others also… Wordsworth was another… you can see… those who talk of charming things… of pleasant things… and beautiful things are the poets… not these garbage cleaners. What is wrong with us that we cannot make out between the stink and the fragrance. Auspiciousness is the way we emit our fragrance to others (1980-0721)

Take a coconut for example… put it the other way round… you won’t get vibrations… if you put it this way, the coconut coming up, you will get more vibrations. There are certain coconuts who give very good vibrations… and some give horrible ones (1980-0721)

Now how the brain is connected with the Spirit. Your heart has the Spirit, the light… and the heart has also got seven auras around it… which get enlightened by the Spirit… it’s a very instantaneous or you can say simultaneous happening. But, before that… when the Kundalini rises… there are the seven centres represented on the seven seats in our brain… all the Sahaja Yogis know where they are. So when these centres are enlightened… the auras start shining in the heart. And ‘this’ centre is actually the seat of the Spirit… the Spirit has moved from there and has gone to the heart… that’s why in childhood you’ll find there’s an opening here… it’s a very soft bone called as the Fontanelle Bone, the Talu… because the Spirit comes out from there and is settled on the heart. You know Spirit also comes out in the night sometimes… goes round and sees… it’s so (1980-0721)

So when the Kundalini rises… first these centres get enlightened here… then in the brain… then the auras in the heart start getting enlightened… ultimately, when this centre which is the centre of the heart here, in Sahastrara, this point… when this gets enlightened, then the Spirit also gets enlightened fully… and then these auras become doubly shining… then the auspiciousness in many dimensions starts expressing itself. But to keep that light on… one has to keep the Kundalini over here (1980-0721)

Then what happens… then we are ruled by our hearts… rather than by our brains. And the more you depend on your vibratory awareness, the more you use your heart… your Spirit… not your brain. The more you use your brain… again you go down… because it is taken over now by the Spirit. But if you can… just leave it to your heart to work it out… and don’t think… because you are in thoughtless awareness after Realisation. And if you try to maintain that state… pay attention to your heart… let your Spirit emit itself… so that it clears out completely the confusion of the brain and everything… then you’ll be amazed that you cannot lose your vibrations… you cannot lose your Realisation (1980-0721)

The simplest way is… I mean we have found this… that after Realisation, if you go for seven days treatment with soaking feet before my photograph, it works out. Then you start establishing your auspiciousness… and once you have established it… then you don’t lose it very easily. Afterwards when you become very strong, you don’t mind working on anyone whatsoever (1980-0721)

On this auspicious day, I have to request you to be auspicious… not to do anything inauspicious – they call it protocol. There are small small things which show you are auspicious… very very minute subtle things that shows you are auspicious… which you don’t have to learn… automatically, spontaneously it comes… and you enjoy your auspiciousness because you are holy… because you are Nirmal… and you enjoy that quality within you (2001-0321)


Is an innate quality of a personality, where a person rejects all that is unholy, all that is inauspicious; The first thing that God created on this Earth was Shri Ganesha, because he could emit Holiness; It is said that without Holiness, you cannot work out anything… in every walk of life Holiness was the most important part… that was to be looked after. For Sahaja Yogis, the most important thing is to lead a very holy life… innocence gives you that Holiness (1987-0102)

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