You can coin your own mantras, because you have some sort of an authority which you can use, and every mantra that you will say will be awakened… even if you are not yet out of your possessions, still you will work it out… still you can raise the Kundalini of others… and nothing will go wrong with the person whose Kundalini you are raising… to that purity it is (1979-1111); You have no authority to take any mantra… unless and until you are a Realised Soul (1977-1121)

Of course… you have killed many of them… this is the minimum power you have. If you coin a ‘Mardini’ mantra with anyone… finished. You see it is like this… ‘I’ am entitled you see… I am the one who has killed all of them… so I am entitled… I’ve got the title you see… if you take my name… my title… they are finished off there… all their powers are dropping (1979-1202.3)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

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– end – 21 Jun 2003