Autonomic Nervous System


Autonomic Nervous System

The Autonomic Nervous System… is that ‘self governing’ nervous system, comprising the left and right Sympathetic, and the central Parasympathetic nervous systems (1984-0731); The Parasympathetic… is that part of the nervous system in the central channel, the Sushumna Nadi (1981-0928) which gives the balance (1987-0500); Which brings things back to normal… relaxes and nourishes… after the Sympathetics have initially responded to an emergency; Is formed by loops from the left and right Sympathetics, and wherever these loops meet, are formed energy centres known as the Chakras (MME)

Autonomic Nervous System, means there is something which is beyond… something ‘auto’… if the scientists give this name… we have to accept it is auto… they cannot explain… we have to accept it is auto… that there is something like auto… that controls the three Autonomic Systems (1977-1024.1)

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