Awe does not have ‘understanding’ in it (1986-0706); That ‘awe’ for God that is necessary to keep your Kalki alright; That fear of God that if you do wrong, He is there with His wrath, and that He is a wrathful God… when you have that awe for God, and you know that He is All Pervading, and He is All Powerful; He has powers to raise us to that stage of higher being… He is the most compassionate God, the most compassionate Father that we can think of… but in the same way He has a wrath, and when that wrath falls upon you, be very very careful (1979-0928)

You are… in a way… in awe about God… there is awe… not I would say fear, because fear is all dispelled… there is no more fear for you… but you have awe for God… that’s he’s God Almighty (1992-0229); There should be awe and respect for the Mother, which is guarded by the left Vishuddhi (1985-0901); As a Mother, Shri Mataji has to warn us, that be careful about the wrath of your Father, because if He comes on you with that wrath, nobody can stop it… nobody can stop it – and the compassion of your Mother will not be listened to. But if you do something ‘for’ Him, or for your own ‘being’ in your Self Realisation, you will be placed in the highest position. The most important thing is to know… where are you as far as God is concerned (1979-0928)

Mother’s Presence

When I am away… I am not gone – I am much more here when I am not here… you will see (1980-1205)

People who are with Mother go into left Vishuddhi very fast, because they lack in protocol. To be with Mother is a blessing no doubt, but also one has to be very very careful, that you do not cross the protocols (1985-0901)

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– end – 24 Jun 2003