Glass bangles that are made in Belgium, and worn by the Goddess, the Mother. Also when worn by the ladies, brings a delicacy of movement, suggesting to the men that there are ladies around (1986-0921.1)

It’s for the right hand side chakra here, alright… there’s a chakra here… to protect your right Vishuddhi it is kept here… so your language is sweet… when you speak you see… you make that beautiful sound… it makes such a delicate feeling… women around you see… you know that she’s there… to look after you… she loves you… and it’s a purity about it… she loves her husband in that way… and the rest of them is pure relationship… and so that’s why you have to wear it (1979-0609.3)

Tape References:

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1979-0609.3 Maria’s House Tape 3 poor

1986-0921.1 Mahalakshmi/Jaladevata, Mechelen not good 45

– end – 10 Sep 2002