Basics of Sahaja Yoga


Basics of Sahaja Yoga

The first basic of Sahaja Yoga is that we have to become the Spirit – Sahaja Yoga gives us experiences… so then we believe into it… so we have faith, enlightened faith. We then steady our attention, we balance it… using our ‘will’; By keeping our attention integrated with our being (not with our ego), discretion comes in… we develop immunity from all kinds of baddha, from all types of people (1980-1116)

The quality of Spirit is collectivity, and collectivity is the beginning of Sahaja Yoga, and so collectivity has to be with the Sahaja Yogis. Know that you are Realised Souls, and assume your powers. Know that you are different, and others are others… they are not the same as you are (1980-1116)

Realise, and recognise that there has to be something tremendous… that it was necessary to have someone like the Adi Shakti, the Mother, to do this tremendous task, and that it was necessary for us to be with Her, to help. We have to stand by the Mother… we are cells in Her Body (1980-1116)

Meditation and also a little bit of taking bandhan, even now today is necessary I think, when you go out… because still Kali Yuga is working it’s own plans, and Satya Yuga is trying to come up (1998-0510)

Those who want to grow, should meditate every day, whatever time you may come home… maybe in the morning, maybe in the evening… any time… but you will know that you are meditating, when you can get into thoughtless awareness (1998-0510)

To cleanse yourself and to put yourself right, is of course a very important duty of every Sahaja Yogi… you should not be identified with those problems that you have, but try to face them and cure them (1987-1213); This is our way of life… is to keep ourselves cleansed… this is bathing ourselves. All those things which are filthy within us… take them out (1980-0907)

Our behaviour should be very decent and decorous so that all the vibrations that are flowing through us, which are Holy vibrations, auspicious vibrations, should not be spoiled by our ego… or any such nonsense… which has no relevance to our ascent (1985-0000.2)

Now… the main job is to give Realisation… to raise the Kundalini… in a very large scale; God created this Universe to see His image. Now He wants to see His beautiful image in you people (1986-1223)

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– end – 25 Nov 2002