If you take a bath with cold water, you can never catch cold because the temperature is the same. If you have to take a hot water bath, take it in the night, or at the time when you can go off into your bed. You should never take your bath in the open, or with the window open, with hot water… if you do, sure shot you will get a temperature; In England, if you take a hot bath and go out immediately… you can get cancer of the lungs (1988-1221)… in the UK, bathing is better done at night before retiring, to avoid problems due to the cold climate (1982-0710)

In the River Ganges, the water is absolutely freezing cold… but people get into it slowly… slowly they slip into it, and when you come out your cheeks are red like apples… it’s so very cold. But nothing happens, nobody catches cold or anything. So in the running water is the cleanest, and where you can… get into cold water (1988-1221)

Bathroom addiction is too much in English people I have seen… they are very bathroom conscious… though they do not take baths… one should just form such habits that within 10 minutes you should be out from the bathroom; You should take a bath at a time when you will have one hour before going out; So use water as much as you can… wash your hands 10 times… is very essential… to get your vibrations alright you must wash your hands (1980-0927); Before Puja, you must take your bath (1980-0927); Some people go without bathing the body, for months together… then you have no respect for yourself (1978-1002)

Laziness is not a very good thing, and for that I think… early in the morning, 4 o’clock, if you take a bath, you won’t feel lazy the whole day… if you can try that… all day you’ll feel very energetic… but you must do it early in the morning, because after that you must spend at least 2 hours in the house… then there won’t be any problem (1989-1203)

Water is used to cool and clear the right side subtle system (1983-0121); If we stand in the sea, and ask that all our problems be taken away, then the whole thing will be sucked away (1980-0609); Water can feel the Divinity… it gets exited, and starts pouring out it’s love in a bubbly manner (1986-1225)

You must always use water, as much as possible… for washing, when you go for your morning ablutions… water must be used… paper is a very dirty and unhygienic habit… but even if you use paper, you must use water after it… it’s very important that all the time, the water should be used as much as possible… for Sahaja Yogis it is a very very important thing (1986-0504)

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