Together with Holland represents the left Nabhi, with Belgium as the speedometer – should not be too fast, nor too slow, but in the centre (1986-0921.2); The responsibility of Belgians is the Peace, while that of Holland is Justice (1986-0921.2); Whilst it is understood that Sahaja Yogis have a universal nature, those of Belgium should be inculcating all the qualities of peace and justice within themselves. There has to be justice, but justice is not to be demanded. As soon as we start asking for justice, there is no peace. So we should not ask for justice – we should do justice, to ourselves and to others, and we should be peaceful to ourselves and to others (1986-0921.2); If the principle of these two countries starts working properly, they can bring peace to the whole world (1986-0921.2)

In Belgium are found great painters, and much creativity (1986-0921.2), and Belgium has one speciality, of creating glass bangles for the Mother, thus providing a beautiful and delicate musical accompaniment to the movements of the Goddess (1986-0921.1); Belgians are simple and good people, neutral by nature (1986-0921.1)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1986-0921.1 Mahalakshmi/Jaladevata, Mechelen, Belgium not good 45 1986-0921.2 Role of Belgium and Holland, Mechelen good 65

– end – 20 Apr 2003