It is you who have to gain something out of me (1983-0723.3); It is such a mutual thing between us, I can’t live without you, and you can’t live without me – it is so mutual. But from one side it is 100% benevolent. Whether I get angry with you, whether I scold you, or pamper you, whether I say ‘don’t do that’ or ‘don’t come very close to me, keep away’, anything that I do like that is benevolent… to you! And the benevolence to me is only one – that you should be emancipated, that you should gain something out of Me, that you should prosper out of Me (1983-0723.3)

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1983-0723.3 Purnima Seminar, Assume your position, pt 3 – Lodge Hill good 65

– end – 25 Dec 2002