Worship (1981-1005); Devotion (0.0011); The way of seeking, practised by those on the left side, as opposed to those on the right side who tried to master the elements, and those in the centre who took the evolutionary path (1979-0530); Practised by those who were gently dedicated to God, who asked the help of God, through organising dedications and worships, called Pujas (1979-0530)

Bhakti is only possible if you have faith… that’s the thing… is the faith… which is challenged nowadays by all kinds of stupid and horrible people… the intellectuals… also by science… and this church, and that church. So your faith has to be absolutely… absolutely untarnishable… so when this faith in God is absolutely established within you… that there is God Almighty… he’s Almighty… and that I am the messenger of that God… just this understanding, when it becomes absolutely formed in you… then you are in Guru Pada (1992-0719)

Bhakti also is inbuilt… is born in you… if you were not seeking God, you would not have come to me… so that is also in you… if you were not seekers of knowledge… you would not have come to me. If you were not working it out, Karma Yoga, if you were not… you would not have come to me – that you are coming to me, is itself a Karma (0.0012)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

0.0011 Weekend seminar in Pune, Tape 1 good 180

0.0012 Weekend seminar in Pune, Tape 2 good 50

1979-0530 A Higher Life – A World of Bliss and Joy – Caxton Hall good 55 1981-1005 Beauty that you are – Houston good 70

1992-0719 Guru Puja – Cabella good 65

– end – 17 Jun 2003