The dead… people who have died, who hang around and cause problems (1981-0829; 1990-0811.1), and can cause lunacy (1989-0806); Who exist around the churches, because of the dead bodies buried there (1982-0711); The dead Souls who are still attached to something… maybe to children… to the house… to drinking habits… maybe to something nonsensical… that still hang around, and they are the one’s who trouble us… who bother us too much. They can be in groups… they can be many… of different types… they could be with a very bad Subconscious activity… or could be with Supraconscious also; Now some difficulties that you face, which cannot be solved, could be coming from these dead Souls. So the best way to get rid of them is to develop a detached attitude towards life (1995-0625)

There is a difference between a Baddha and a Bhoot… a Baddha… is an obstruction… which can prevent us from feeling the vibrations (1979-0616), and if present, can be seen as doubled up loops in the cells, under the microscope (1989-0725); A Baddha is a ‘hindrance’ and is always on an organ or a centre, and if it moves, does so in response to the Kundalini or to your fingers. Bhoots move arbitrarily, here and there, to left and to right, and are not controlled by the movement of your fingers. One moves arbitrarily… moves on it’s own, whilst the other is in your control… you are taking it out yourself (1980-0517.2) Baddhas can be burned off by the fire, by the flame, and are to be seen as the flickering of the flame (1978-1005)… while bhoots are also burned with the candle… and may go pop, pop, pop – and that’s why the candle has to be put (1992-0209)

To remove a bhoot without getting it into yourself, firstly of course, put yourself into bandhan. Then there are different ways according to the different bhoots. When dealing with someone who is possessed, you should take an aggressive stance, take a higher position, go with great force on that person. There should be no compromise. Tell him to “Sit Down…!”. Then ask questions to ascertain the nature of the problem (1980-0517.2)

Guru Bhoots – After putting yourself in bandhan, ask if he has gone to any guru… find out which one. Ask if he still ‘believes’ in that guru. If he does, do not say ‘sorry’, but say ‘we cannot help you, go away’. But if he says ‘yes I have a problem, I am in trouble, I am possessed etc.’, then you can continue, by asking the name of his guru, what is his mantra, how many years he has been with his guru etc.… then you will know what is the mantra to use. If it is a guru problem, then say the Adi Guru mantra for the Void. Tell him to say the mantra, or to ask the question of the Photo… the Kundalini will respond. Keep the Photo in front of your face like a mask – don’t allow yourself to be exposed. If you know the name of the guru… you know the mantra to be used… like Narakasura Mardini, Mahishasura Mardini, or Sarva Asura Mardini. Then best is to give vibrated salt with water to drink. Tell him that it is very difficult, that it is one of the most horrible ones we have ever known, that it is going to take time, that it is necessary to work hard to get rid of it, but that it will be alright – and do not hurry it up… it will take time. These guru bhoots can be very dangerous (1980-0517.2)

Another type is the one that makes a person blind, even though their eyes are open and normal to look at. The left Swadisthan will be catching. There are 2 types of blindness here

– it could be a bhoot, or it could be diabetes, or it could be a combination of both. Ask if he has diabetes. If he does not have diabetes, then it is definitely a bhoot. To cure this, take a Photo of the Hands, and put a candle in front of that, and ask the person to see if he can see the light – you will be amazed, gradually he will be able to see the light, and then gradually he will see the Hand. The candle alone will not work, but if you can see the Hands with the light, then this is extremely good for the eyes. It is possible that when frightened, as when a house is on fire for example, that at that time a bhoot may jump in, causing the blindness – but eyes burned out by a fire cannot remain open, whereas the eyes in a blindness caused by a bhoot, can (1980-0517.2)

Bhoots get up to all sorts of tricks. Even you might find a garland coming out of the Goddess (a statue – Ed), and you think ‘Oh what a miracle’ – but it is a bhoot (1979-0530); If you feel attracted for any man… think that ‘that man’ has a bhoot, and I also have a bhoot… only the bhoots attract bhoots… it’s as simple as that… it’s only the bhoots that attract (1981-0904)

If you start putting your eyes onto something and concentrating on it, your eyes might become mesmeric… means bhoots will start coming out of your eyes. First of all you catch bhoots in your eyes… they settle down there… and then they will be falling on other people as bhoots… it’s a very very dangerous thing to go on looking at something continuously with concentration (1986-0823)

It would be a good idea… to start using a little oil for the head… in the night… as Sahaja Yogis, you should… better use some nice coconut oil, and rub on your head nicely, in the night… and in the morning… after all it doesn’t show much… and comb your hair in a proper way. If your dresses… and your hair are… like bhoots… then the bhoots will take over, thinking… ‘oh, this is a bhoot sitting down here… better take hold of that bhoot’… so dress up in a way… that you shouldn’t have hair on your forehead at all… keep it straight… make it nice… and have absolutely clean foreheads (1986-0504)

Those who do not meditate will become superficial… they’ll not achieve… they’ll create problems… if they are right sided, they’ll become Supraconscious, they’ll become bhoots… if they are left sided, they’ll be thrown out (1985-0629); Sometimes our Mother shouts at us… just once She shouts – immediately all the bhoots run away (1983-0113); We accept correction… because we want our ascent (1987-1016)

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