Bija Mantras


Bija Mantras

The sounds made by the Kundalini, when she rises and passes through the different chakras; The basis of the Devanagari language, used by the Devas (1979-0000.1); The sounds are as follows: At Mooladhara, there are 4 and include: ‘Sh’ ‘Ss’ ‘Ts’ and possibly ‘W’; At Swadisthan there are 6 and include: ‘M’ ‘Y’ ‘L’ ‘LL’; At Nabhi, there are 10 and include: ‘D’ ‘Dh’ ‘P’; At the Heart, there are 12 and include: ‘Ch’ ‘Sh’ ‘J’ ‘Jh’ ‘Ng’ ‘T’ ‘Th’; At Vishuddhi, there are 16 and include: ‘A’ ‘Aa’ ‘i’ ‘ii’ ‘U’ ‘Uu’ ‘R’ ‘L’ ‘Lulu’ ‘E’ ‘Ai’ ‘O’ ‘Au’ ‘Um’ ‘Ahah’; At Agnya, there are 2 and are: ‘Ha’ ‘Ksha’; At Sahastrara, no sound is made by the passage of the Kundalini, and one becomes thoughtless. When all are sounded together, and passed through the body, the sound comes out as AUM – just as the 7 ‘colours’ all together make ‘white’ (1979-0000.1); The few words before each chapter in the Koran, which are not understood, are Bija mantras (1983-0202)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1979-0000.1 Bija Mantras and Shaktis on Kundalini – Ashley Gdns good 40 1983-0202 Vishuddhi Chakra, Delhi (+ Q&A: 5 mins) good 80

– end – 20 Jun 2003