Bindu Sindur Kumkum


Bindu – Sindur – Kumkum

In your house when you go… take a part of the Bindu from here… some red mark… and spread there in the room… just sprinkle it all over – you will be alright. Put a candle to the photograph and all that… go on chanting my name… whenever there is a problem, just chant my name (1979-1015); Bindu, means…a dot you can say (1998-1216)

This red mark is very important because then you don’t catch any bhoots… it has to be worn… in the Bible it is written, that there will be a mark on their heads… but we are frightened of society… how to wear a mark (1988-0710); Red is the colour of Mooladhara (1981-1005)

Kumkum (1984-0902)… worn by Indian Ladies to indicate their married status, along with the Mangala Sutra (1995-0910); I have to use this red [on the Agnya chakra – Ed]… because red colour frightens the evil (1983-0302); Even if you put Sindur, or something… it will do… it will work out. We have very simple methods… this red powder that you have seen… you have to just sprinkle it around… finished… you see (1979-0608.2)

Red Lead Oxide… which is extremely cold… Lead Oxide is a very cool thing… and can be used to balance the heat… or the effects of heat… so we call it in Sanskrit language is called as Sindhura… and in Marathi as Shindura… Lead Oxide though… people say causes cancer… but it is the Lead Oxide which is very cold… it can cool you down so much that you can go to the left side… and cancer is a psychosomatic disease… and that might be the reason it might cause, in a very far fetched way we can say it can cause cancer… because if it is too cold and all that, then you go to the left side… and there you can catch the viruses by which you can get into troubles… so the same Lead Oxide is alright for people who are very right sided… for them if it is put on their Agnya it cools them down… they are cooled down… their anger goes down… their temper goes down… and it’s a very good thing (1990-0831)

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