Born Realised


Born Realised

Those who are born realised people, still have to become Sahaja Yogis if they want to know how to raise the Kundalini. Without coming into Sahaja Yoga they cannot be effective (1979-1202.2)

Born Realised are the people who were ‘Realised’ long time back… before they were born in this lifetime… so they clear out much faster than you do… because they have done the clearing before also. They normally do not take to all the perversions, and all the temptations that you take to… and they are very different type of people… they are unique and cynical… because when they are born, they find the rest of them are going the other way… and because they don’t know how to deal with the others, and deal with the situation, they become cynical… and they have their own ideas… and maybe these Born Realised may develop their ego also quite a lot. Normally they do not take to temptations… normally… but if they go to it, they will see to it that they have it fully… while you people have a very great capacity for one thing… that because you know your Realisation, it happened when you were aware of it… so you understand the value of it… and so the value of Realisation is much greater for a Sahaja Yogi than for a Born Realised Soul.

Some Born Realised also may understand, but they are more individualistic… they are not so much collective as you people are. Secondly, because you have gone through that in this lifetime and in your own memory, all the wrong things you have done, you are more compassionate and understanding for other people who have got these things… while those who are Realised people do not have much of that patience for others, and they have their own way of doing things. But if they come to Sahaja Yoga, they could be very dynamic, and very great no doubt… but, they will not take to Sahaja Yoga easily, because they think ‘we are alright – why should we accept anything else now’… because they are satisfied people. But they cannot help the humanity… unless and until they learn the thing.

And they lack that companionship… with me. Because I have given you Realisation, you feel me much more than they do. Supposing… a child has not seen the mother… then the child cannot have that feeling for a mother, as you people can have… so this is the greatest thing that you have got… but if the Born Realised also try to stick onto Sahaja Yoga, they will also develop the same feeling… and then the joy starts pouring in… because you start seeing how your Mother looks after you, at every moment… how she creates play… and how she creates magic (1979-1202.3)

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