All Pervading Power of God’s Love (1991-0505); The Cosmic Consciousness (1986-0706); The Aspect of God that creates (1991-0002); The 3 Powers of Brahma are of Creation, Existence and Sustainance. Brahma is Absolute, and cannot be compared. The ‘Brahma Principle’ is the pulsating power of Brahma, is represented as Ohm, the Amen, is the foetus of Divine Power, which divides into the three channels, and which permeates, pulsates, and nourishes, but is detached. Brahma can be in seed form, with no movement, no manifestation (1978-0911); Brahma is the vibrating force you see… Brahma… Ohm… the Vibrating force (1978-1002); There is no temple of Brahma, except in Pushka (1979-0608.2)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1991-0505 Sahastrara Puja, Ischina, Italy – see 1991-0915 good 40

1986-0706 Guru Puja, Gmunden – see 1986-0706 good 55

1978-0911 Brahma Principle – see 1978-0911 good 45

1978-0911 Brahma Principle/Evolution

1978-1002 Knots in the 3 channels, Caxton Hall poor 90 1979-0608.2 Maria’s House Tape 2 poor

1986-0706 Guru Puja talk/Pre Puja talk – Gmunden, Austria 1991-0505 Sahastrara Puja, Ischia, Italy

– end – 27 Mar 2003