The roots of our awareness are in the brain (1986-0305); Truth is perceived in the brain. When the Kundalini enlightens the brain, we start seeing the truth (1983-0204); The brain when it is not nourished by the heart is very dangerous, is ruthless. Conversely, if there is heart only and no rationality, we can become dangerous to ourselves, lethargic and indulgent into wrong things (1989-0611); All our brain activity goes against pure intelligence; Our thinking can make us so bumptious, so ego oriented, so impure (1983-0113)

If there’s a tradition of dharma… then what happens… that the fat cells in our stomach get the experience… get charmed with the sense of virtue, of righteousness, of goodness, of innocence… and so you use that power to enlighten your brain, which surrounds actually as auras your heart. But if that is not so… it’s like a dead… another cell going in the head… and then experiences in dirty things… in doing something that is destructive (1985-0310)

In the brain, we have got all those seats of the Gods… and they are the seats because they are the causal of these… so first the causal is created… and then the Deities… so the causal of Brahmadeva is Hirenyagarbha. The causal one’s are here… in our brain. At the back here… is actually Mahaganesha… just in the centre point… it is the minutest point… and around him moves Mahabhairava… and around this… is Hirenyagarbha… this is Swadisthana. Swadisthan is divided into two parts… left… and right… both are Hirenyagarbha… at the back here. Now in front… in the centre here is Kartikeya – Christ is in the centre itself, where the optic chiasma is – but here outside is Kartikeya, who is the protector of Christ… and around Kartikeya moves… Mahahanumana… and around that moves the Ekadesha Rudra. Now what is Ekadesha Rudra… let us see… one by one… Buddha… Mahavira… Christ… Mahabhairava… Mahaganesha… Kartikeya… Mahahanumana… Hirenyagarbha… Lakshmi Vishnu/Narayana… Shiva Parvati… Shiva Shakti. Why Shiva and Parvati… two are to be taken… because Shiva is the Guru… and Parvati is the Shakti (1981-0904)

When the Kundalini rises… there are the seven centres represented on the seven seats in our brain… all the Sahaja Yogis know where they are. So when these centres are enlightened… the auras start shining in the heart. And ‘this’ centre is actually the seat of the Spirit – the Spirit has moved from there and has gone to the heart. Ultimately, when this centre which is the centre of the heart here, in Sahastrara, this point… when this gets enlightened, then the Spirit also gets enlightened fully… and then these auras become doubly shining. Then what happens… then we are ruled by our hearts… rather than by our brains. And the more you depend on your vibratory awareness… the more you use your heart, your Spirit, not your brain. The more you use your brain… again you go down… because it is taken over now by the Spirit. But if you can… just leave it to your heart to work it out… and don’t think… because you are in thoughtless awareness after Realisation. And if you try to maintain that state… pay attention to your heart… let your Spirit emit itself… so that it clears out completely the confusion of the brain and everything… then you’ll be amazed that you cannot lose your vibrations… you cannot lose your Realisation (1980-0721)

Krishna is the brain… Shiva is the heart… and Brahmadeva is the liver. Now what is the faculty of this brain… is… that the tree of life, of evolution, grows downwards as they say… and this tree is growing downwards, of awareness, from the brain… but if you have to go to the roots, you have to ascend… and that ascent you have achieved… now you have gone to the roots of your brain… where all your roots… all your nerves are enlightened… where your brain is enlightened… you are an enlightened person (1986-0823)

We should cover the head in winter time, so that there is no freezing of the brain… covering is to be occasional, not all the time… if it is too tight, you can get bad circulation; Also to avoid sitting in the Sun, so the brain does not get melted (1983-0204); Butter is important… for the Swadisthan which converts it for the use of the brain cells (1981-1005); Those who use their right side too much… use their brain too much… their heart fails – a lunatic’s heart never fails… those who use their heart too much… the brain fails (1982-1008)

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