Best way to balance the nadis at Hamsa, is by breathing exercise: breath in through one nostril, hold the breath for a while, then let it go out through the other. Now breath in through that nostril, hold for a while, then let it go through the first one again. Do this three times only, and very slowly (1980-0517.2)

In meditation… you pay attention to your heart or emotions… try thinking of your Mother… watch your breathing, slowing it, reducing by pausing at the end of each in and out breath, as if stopping it, but no exertion about it… and then raise your Kundalini. Finally say Sahastrara Mantra 3 times, and go into meditation. Once this has been done, you go into meditation (1979-1118; 0.0001); Quieten yourselves within – you can stop your thoughts through controlling the breathing (1981-1103)

If the centre of security… if it is blocked you get problems… like breast problems and things like that… and also breathing sometimes

– is the sense of security. There is a Deity there… the Deity which is the Mother of the Universe… you have to awaken her… if she is awakened, you don’t have these problems… it’s very simple (1981-0511)

A problem that people who are in the ‘centre’ may develop, is low breathing, and low blood pressure, because of parasympathetic activity… and when they are fighting the anti-God activities, they might feel tired… but again they improve, and they feel alright (1983-0209)

A new idea has come, that you should not eat any salt and sugar… just imagine… salt is so important for our breathing, and sugar is so important for our combustion (1987-1213)

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Chakras affected: Hamsa; Centre Channel

– end – 14 Sep 2002