The whole forehead, if it is covered by bumps, then you must know that the Kalki chakra is out of order, and if the Kalki chakra is out of order, then all the fingers start burning, on the hands and on the palms… and sometimes even in the body, you get terrible burning. Kalki stays on our forehead, and when the chakra of Kalki is caught up, the whole of Moordha, on top goes out of order, the whole head becomes a blocket. Such people do not allow Kundalini to rise above Hamsa. If you put your forehead before wrong gurus, or also, if there is too much thinking, both can create a problem. A person’s Kalki chakra catching means he might be down with a horrible disease like cancer or leprosy etc. or he may be about to collapse into some sort of a calamity (1979-0928)

You see, how Kundalini clears your head… you can see the difference now… just now… so later on you will know… you see… how many bumps… here and there… the head is not even… but as you will grow, you will be amazed, how your head will be very even… and you won’t feel any bumps or anything. You all had (1979-1009.2)

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– end – 20 May 2003