It’s like… butter is made out of… we call it ‘curd’ – so, they churn it… when they churn it… what happens… some butter comes out… and the rest remains as buttermilk. To separate it, they put a big lump of butter in that curd, and then they churn it… now all the butter gets around that big lump, and it gathers into a bigger lump you see. But, there are some particles of butter… which are left behind – if they do not stick to this big lump of butter, they are thrown away with the buttermilk (1981-0524); The buttermilk… is much better than Dahi, it’s much more soothing (for diarrhoea

– Ed) (1988-1221)

Tape References:

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1988-1221 Hygiene – Sangli – see 1988-1217 good 45

1981-0524 Subconscious, Supraconscious, Chelsham Road not good 70

– end – 10 Sep 2002