Cancer is nothing but an imbalance… the overactivity of the Sympathetic Nervous System. If you can control the Parasympathetic… you can neutralise, and completely you can cure cancer… but we are not here to cure people… we are here for our ascent (1977-1024.1); The disease of cancer cannot be cured except by Sahaja Yoga. The reason is that the power that we have got stored within us is very limited, and this power is used through our sympathetic system. When this power gets exhausted, the cells in that system start going on their own – like as in a broken home, the child starts running amok, so these cells start going amok, they overgrow and malignancy sets in. Now this cancer can be corrected if you can pour that energy, the energy of the All Pervading Power into the patient… and then this power is all the time flowing in you, and you do not have any problem of that power exhausting (1979-0720)

Cancer is caused, mostly which I have seen, in people who are left sided (1982-1008)… by the left side extreme behaviour of people (1982-0514)… not so much in people who are right sided, who are aggressive… but those who are emotionally disturbed get this trouble (1982-1008)… and can be cured if you can bring such an extreme thing into the centre (1982-0514); So far I haven’t seen one patient of cancer who has not been emotionally very much inclined… so it’s more a case of emotional disturbance. Now when you find that a person has a cancer… on the hands you find that all these fingers (all fingers of left hand – Ed) are burning… sometimes even these fingers (fingers on both the hands – Ed) start burning. If you put your hands toward a person who is suffering from cancer, all your fingers start burning (left and right hands – Ed)… and you start burning here and here (indicating the area on the outer part of the palms, at the base of all fingers, on both left and right hands – Ed). Also you may start feeling a throbbing here (indicating the solar plexus area – Ed)… of course throbbing doesn’t mean that a person has cancer, but it’s one of the symptoms (1982-1008)

Now, how cancer is caused. Anything we do to extremes… any emergency, is taken over by these two sides… because they manifest the sympathetic nervous system… they act for our sympathetic nervous system, whenever there is an emergency. Now… a ‘centre’ is formed… by the coming together from the left and the right, (indicating the left and right channels coming together, to form a single central channel – Ed)… and this (indicating the resulting central channel – Ed) is the one through which the Medulla Oblongata passes… the Spinal Cord… this is the Spinal Cord. So… what happens… that the cells that are supported by a ‘centre’, here, for example… when there is a pull on the right side or the left side too much, on the sympathetic nervous system, then this connection breaks out like that (indicating the separation of the single channel into it’s left and right component channels – Ed)… when it breaks out, the connection of the ‘centre’, which is supplying the energy, with the ‘whole’, is broken. When the connection with the ‘whole’ is broken, there’s no coordination left… there’s no control left… so the cells become on their own… what we call malignant… they start going on their own. The cells start pressing all other organs… and sometimes may pass into the blood… and go to other areas also. So these are aggressive cells… malignant cells… are on their own… we cannot control them. By some chance if you could bring them back in connection with the whole… cancer can be cured… it is as simple as that. When the Kundalini rises, she awakens this centre… and when this centre is awakened, it just comes back to normal… the person becomes normal… that’s how cancer can be cured… it’s very simple (1982-1008)

A left side disease, caused by among other things, bowing to wrong people (1984-0731), and which can lead to Ekadesha Rudra problems (1983-0129); Attacks come from an area built within us since our creation, the far left side (1984-0313); Protein 58 and 52 which triggers this happening of cancer within us, and which enters into us… comes from some ‘unknown area’ which they call it… ‘which exists within us since our creation’… I call it as Collective Subconscious. Whatever is dead is on the left hand side… so they are actually talking of possession… a possession of a dead spirit or something… that means that such a thing enters our being and triggers cancer (1982-1007); The cells lose connection with the whole, start acting on their own, and become malignant… but can be cured by the Chaitanya, flowing through Sahaja Yogis, and which is containing the emotional, physical, mental and evolutionary elements, which when applied to a faulty chakra, causes it to return to normal (1984-0313)

Breast cancer can result from insecurity caused by the husband’s flirting, or if he has roving eyes (1982-0711); Also cruelty, and hurting others can result in cancers (1982-0711); Can be cured by Sahaja Yoga, and those who do Sahaja Yoga will never get Cancer (1979-0507); Cancer can only be cured through your Realisation… no other way out… if you are Realised, you should not get cancer, if you know how to keep yourself in the centre (1980-0102); The biggest sin of modern times, the sin against the Mother, produces cancer, which is also heat producing (1983-0113.2); All cancer patients give heat (1981-0524)

The way you expose your body to the Sun… is also very wrong… you’ll develop skin cancer. You shouldn’t burn your skin so much… it’s not a good thing you know (1979-0200.1)

Collectively I can cure cancer, if you are more… if you are clear people… but your channels are so full of problems that nothing flows through you. If you get yourselves cleared out, collectively I can stop cancer spreading… because if you spread more vibrations, what happens is that the left and right side in the Virat becomes clearer, and the attacks from the left and right side which creates cancer and all these horrible diseases will be cancelled, because they will be less (1980-0927); I can stop the happening of cancer completely, if I have 21000 Sahaja Yogis… Leprosy I can control… cancer already I am controlling (1980-0927)

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Chakras affected: Sympathetics; Left Side

– end – 10 Sep 2002