Carbon is tetravalent (1981-0829), and represents the centre of the periodic table. Is associated with the Mooladhara chakra, which represents the stage when life itself started (1979-0616); From carbon, amino acids were produced (1986-0907); Carbon ignited the living process in matter, which was followed by the different Incarnations of the Nabhi centre (1979-0530); Evolution is from the carbon stage, and amoeba stage through the fish and reptile stages, to the present day, at Sahastrara (1983-0129; 1979-0616); It is still going on – this is not the end. So far, it is spontaneous (1978-1115); Carbon gives you life – without carbon, you cannot get life (1983-0302); Mother Earth created the Carbon. Through the effect of electricity, carbon got attached to Hydrogen and Oxygen, and so produced amino acids, and so Prana started, which ultimately produced the mind and the brain, and when we become Realised, becomes the Pranava (1985-0528) Carbon comes from Ganesha on the left side (1983-0209)

If you see the carbon… from the left, you see on the right side, Omkara, Aum written… if you see from the right to the left, you see it as Swastika… if you see from down below, upwards, you see it as a Cross – and now they have verified it, have experimented, and the scientists have found out and have declared that it is so. So that aspect, of ‘Omkara’, which is within us is the right side… but the left side is the ‘Swastika’, which is a very sensitive instrument. If you use the right way, clockwise, it works for construction… but if you use it in the anticlockwise manner, then it is destructive (1989-0617.1); The carbon atom… when you take a picture with a spectrograph… from the left side, looks like an Ohm… and from the other side looks like a Swastika (1986-0707.2)

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