The ‘causal’ which is the 5 Koshas or auras of the 5 elements, i.e. the essence of the 5 elements, and the way they are placed in you, and which gives you your own identity, your own particularity… that is the causal. The causal of the 5 elements, plus the Spirit… put together makes the Soul, the Jivatma. This causal acts on the chakras… and through the chakras, on the other, the grosser side. So from the subtlest, the Spirit… to the subtler, the Soul… to the subtle, the chakras… to the gross, the body (1986-0725)

In the brain, we have got all those seats of the Gods… and they are the seats because they are the causal of these… so first the causal is created… and then the Deities (1981-0904)

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