Central Nervous System


Central Nervous System

The Central Nervous System… one of three types of nervous systems in the human body… (the others being the Sympathetic Nervous System… which is for emergencies… and which has a left and a right side, which act in opposite directions, being complimentary… and the Parasympathetic) (MME)

The Truth, the Absolute Reality, which has to be felt on your Central Nervous System (1984-0708)… and which if it is felt the same for everyone, then it is the Absolute (1984-0702); What Patanjali has written… which is a very ancient book… is that you have to achieve the truth on your central nervous system through your Atma Sakshatkar… meaning the experience of your Spirit (1984-0622); ‘In any evolutionary process… everything manifests on the central nervous system… and so this… also manifests… and you really become collectively conscious’ (1986-0707.2)

When the Kundalini has awakened, and the whole central nervous system is enlightened… that new awareness that arises… Collective Consciousness… allows us to feel what is happening to the chakras of ourselves and of others (1984-0702); When you become collectively conscious… in your central nervous system, you start feeling others in yourself… it’s a becoming (1982-1007); After Realisation the Unconscious becomes conscious… because it has started flowing through you… and you start feeling it through your central nervous system… you actually feel it… and to make it stable… you have to correct your being… your body, your mind… and your emotions (1979-0722)

Sahaja Yoga is a spontaneous system built within us… naturally… through nature… by which Kundalini Shakti rises… and you become the Spirit. As a result, the Spirit starts manifesting through your central nervous system… and because the Spirit is the knowledge of the Joy… and the Truth… and the Attention… you become that… means your central nervous system becomes that… capable of knowing that (.0012)

When the Kundalini… touches the Spirit… the light of the Spirit spreads in the central nervous system… but only the chitta part… the outer part is the chitta part… means the attention part. At that stage, when the Kundalini opens the Brahmarandhra… at that time you feel the vibrations… from your own hands… and from the another person also… because you become collectively conscious… collectively conscious only… because… out of Sat Chit Ananda, you just touch the Chit point… so you start feeling your Chitta becoming the Chitta of the collective consciousness… and then you can feel another person’s Kundalini… you can feel it on the fingers, what is happening… which chakras are catching… you can diagnose yourself… so you just feel the Chitta part, not the Ananda part (1977-0215)

In modern times many seekers of truth are born… it’s a special category of people born in these modern times… which sees beyond… tries to find something beyond what they can perceive through their sense organs. The truth as we see… is through our sense organs… whatever we perceive through our sense organs, whatever is communicated to us through our central nervous system we accept as truth… and we should accept that only as truth… and not something that is told to us… or which we have read in books… or which we can project our mind to and can think about (1984-0622)… that doesn’t mean that I deny any one of the Scriptures… or anything that you have known so far. All the scriptures which are true scriptures have said one thing… that to know the truth, you are to be born again (1984-0622); To know something means to experience it… to be there. It has to be ‘felt’ on your central nervous system (1982-0710)

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MME = Meta Modern Era by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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