People who are in the centre… not the two extremes of the left side or the right side… are easily absorbed into Sahaja Yoga. Also those who are less complicated, or are simple hearted… as in the villages… are very easily absorbed by Sahaja Yoga… and they take to it without difficulty (1979-0928); One should never go to extremes in anything – only in the middle or centre can Sahaja Yoga be worked out (1983-0131)

The central path of Sushumna, is for people who are in the ‘centre’… who have their proper understanding… and have got their wisdom. These people are extremely generous… generosity is the only way you can express your love for others… all your material wealth has no meaning, unless and until you show generosity for the people… but it should be quiet and silent (1983-0209); These people cannot retain their food… if they eat at a place where the food is not good, or properly vibrated… either they’ll vomit or they’ll have diarrhoea. They are extremely wise and tactful… they know how to deal with people… are extremely diplomatic. Their whole attitude is to clean themselves… to keep clean… to keep alright… to get more and more people to this great work of Realisation. They never show off… they are not in front… they don’t want to show their face… they are quiet… I know who they are… but they are dynamic… they work it out… only when they have to construct something important, they’ll come and see me. I know the way they work it out… extremely silent, and beautiful gracious people they are (1983-0209)

They can sometimes get into temper, which is necessary, if they are to protect the protocol of their Mother, or could be of Sahaja Yoga, or of God. Normally they are very quiet and silent people… their presence is blissful… they are auspicious. They never think of making money out of God… never… they are so truthful. They are more on the fatter side… because they have gas in their body… lots of gas… the Prana Shakti enters the Sushumna, and creates the gaseous body. The gaseous body is not heavy… it’s very light… they walk fast… they are active… but to look at they look plump (1983-0209)

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– end – 24 Jun 2003