Cervical Plexus


Cervical Plexus

The fifth Chakra (1981-0829), which exists behind the base of the neck, having 16 petals… manifests outwardly as the Cervical Plexus… and is associated with the thyroid gland. This chakra is of the greatest importance, and in terms of evolution, developed to the maximum, when we raised our heads from the animal to the human stage, and was the balance between our ego and superego (1981-0330); Controls the lymphatic system, ears, outside of the eyes, nose, neck (1981-1004; 1981-0330), throat, face (1982-0711) and teeth (1988-0710)… and all the mastoid muscles, the tongue, the cheeks and also the balls of the eyes (1979-0722)

Shri Krishna, the complete incarnation of the Virata, the Primordial Being, with the witness quality controls this centre (1981-1005); Controlled by the Vishuddhi (1981-1004)

Tape References:

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