Chaitanya Lahari… Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost (1983-0128); Vibrations (1979-0616); The term used by Adi Shankaracharya (1979-1203); The cool breeze coming out of your head… that’s called as Chaitanya Lahari… that’s called as Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost. When John the Baptist talked about baptism, he meant this… he didn’t mean the way we do baptism, to just call somebody, put some water on the head, and say… ‘oh you’re baptised’… that’s just a drama. Baptism is a living process (1982-1007); The Cool Breeze is all around us… and we can start feeling in our hands… when the Kundalini emerges from the top of the head… if our Vishuddhi centre is alright. This is what Christ meant by ‘to be born again’… and not to just call some people and say ‘alright, now we will have some baptism’ (1982-1008)

Appears like small commas, and which change into either small Swastikas (symbols of Innocence, nourishing our left side), or Omkara (symbol of our doing, or awareness, and nourishing our right side) (1991-0505; 1984-0718)… which knows everything (1990-0807); The Chaitanya, contains emotional, physical, mental and evolutionary elements, and when it flows through Sahaja Yogis, and is applied to a faulty chakra, it causes it to return to normal (1984-0313)

Solve all problems with one bandhan – it works… but, you should be in full connection with the Divine (1995-1224)… a bandhan puts the Chaitanya into action (1989-0808); For left side problems, give a bandhan, or burn your name (1987-0408); In the morning time, you have to give yourself a bandhan… and when you are going out… don’t go out without giving yourself a bandhan (1988-0921); When you put on a bandhan, how long it will last… depends on your intensity… after some time you don’t need any bandhan (.0011)

The very first thing God created on this Earth was Shri Ganesha, because he could emit Holiness. He exists as Chaitanya… in the atoms and molecules, as vibrations, symmetric and asymmetric. These vibrations later on start expressing themselves in the plant kingdom as ‘life force’, and you see how they are kept under a bondage… it’s all under control. And then it is expressed in the animals, where it binds them… that’s why they are called as ‘Pashus’, meaning ‘under bondage’. But in human beings, it is expressed as auspiciousness, and ultimately as Holiness (1987-0114)

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– end – 10 Sep 2002