One of the sins against the Father (MME); Some people think… by their talks they can cheat you… but actually they are cheating themselves. All such people who cheat others by sweet talks, by artificial talks or by some manoeuvring… go to such a horrible state… in this Kali Yuga especially… they are cursed, and they get exposed… and people know about them that these are the greatest liars ever known. Now the times are coming when all such people will be exposed very much more than they have ever been exposed… so be careful not to think that you can cheat… in Sahaja Yoga especially you cannot cheat. Those who try to cheat, sometimes think that we can befool Mother… we can somehow or other carry on… if you sit in front of Mother, she won’t know what we are up to… it’s not so… I may not say… I may use my discretion not to say… I may allow you to have a long way… but be careful… do not come into my illusions… I am very elusive. When I play my illusions, you will suddenly find yourself in a very difficult situation… and then you will say ‘Mother why am I in this situation’ (1986-0823)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1986-0823.3 Shri Krishna Puja, Lac Noir – see 1986-0823.1 good 45

1986-0823.2 Gita, Lac Noir – see 1986-0823.2 good 30

1986-0823.1 Govinda, Lac Noir – see 1986-0823.2 good 25

1986-0823.1 Shri Krishna Puja, Lac Noir/ Raksha Bandhan, Hampstead 1986-0823.2 Govinda/Gita, Lac Noir

MME = Meta Modern Era by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

– end – 22 Mar 2003