The way that cheese was discovered… there was a big snowfall and some milk had been left in a cave, and it was forgotten about. The summer came and the milk became rotten… and then more and more rotten. Then, somebody went there and found it… and so they took it and they called it cheese; In India, ‘cheese’ is an Urdu word which means some ‘very special thing’, and in music they use it for some special composition… ‘cheese’. Such rotten things we are eating… and the smell… I tell you… if you take that cheese you cannot smell anything rotten… because it’s all that dirty smell that you are used to (1992-0621)

Tape References:

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1992-0621 Kundalini Puja, Cabella good 55

– end – 27 Dec 2002