Who came 2000 years back, the greatest Incarnation, the Son of God, the Innocence, who came to this Earth to give the knowledge of the Eternal Life, so we might ascend. Who sits at the ‘Gate’ to the Limbic area… the 1000 petalled Sahastrara (1979-0530); Who is the Spirit (1981-0330); Who came to show that Spirit is eternal (1981-0330); Whose name is derived from Krishna (1981-1006); The Son of God, who was crucified (1989-0801), the Immaculate Conception (1987-0513); Who cannot be killed or destroyed, who never dies, who passes through death (1982-0711); Who is nothing but Chaitanya (1992-0419), just made of vibrations, and that is why He was resurrected, and also how He walked on the water (1982-1226)

Christ was nothing but Pranava, this integrating power, this great power which has all the powers in it… the Iccha Shakti… the Prana Shakti… and the Dharma Shakti… all these put together… he was nothing but energy (1981-1006); He was the only one that had no earth element in him (1981-1006)

He was the All Pervading Power (1981-0829); He is the ‘Gate’ (1987-1225); He was Omkara (1981-0829), the incarnation of Innocence (1978-1115), who led such a pure, Holy and auspicious life (1982-1226); Who was the incarnation of Tapasya, whose essence was Tapasya, and who was a sinless personality. Whose power was Omkar, was Pranava (1987-1225); The ‘Principle’ and ‘Support’, the ‘Essence’ of Creation, the ‘Omkara’, the ‘First Sound’. Who is the support of all the Universe (1978-1218); Who resides in the Sun (1982-0125)

Also known as Mahavishnu, and who is the incarnation of Shri Ganesha (1983-0129); Who talked of Ascent and Resurrection (1983-0202); The Avatara for the Christians (1983-0202); The Son of the Trinity, God Almighty being the Father, and the Holy Ghost being the Primordial Mother (1987-1023); Who resides at the Optic Thalamus (1978-1218), on the Agnya, and sucks in the ego and superego – the mantra for the Agnya, the sixth chakra, is the Lord’s Prayer (1981-0926; 1981-1006), but the Bija mantra is Hum Kshum (1981-1006); Who was named after Shri Krishna who was the Father… and was thus called Christ, because in Indian language he is called Krista… Krishna means the one who has sown the seed (1981-1006)

Who as the very powerful personality of the Ekadesha Rudra, allowed himself to be crucified (1985-0408); In the brain… in front… in the centre here, is Kartikeya – Christ is in the centre itself, where the optic chiasma is – but here outside is Kartikeya, who is the protector of Christ… and around Kartikeya moves… Mahahanumana… and each is part of… the Ekadesha Rudra (1981-0904); Who in his destroying incarnation known as Mahavishnu, or Kalki, is situated on our foreheads, and is coming for the Last Judgement, when every human being is going to be sorted out (1979-0928)… but those who have got Realisation will enter into the Kingdom of God (1981-1006); He has 11 destructive powers, with which He is going to come back (1981-0926)

Who has taken the sins of human beings upon himself. He was the ‘lamb’ of the sacrifice. He drove the ‘spirits’ into the pigs, and showed that we should have nothing to do with the dead… with the ‘spirits’ (1981-0330); Who controls all the 3 powers. By one power he controls the superego, the devils, the spirits… if the cross is shown, the spirits run away. He controls the ego, and he controls the dharma, by which he makes us rise (1981-0330)

Who said “You must be born again”, and… “What is flesh is born of the flesh, what is Spirit is born of the Spirit” (1985-0510); Who said “I am the door” (1982-0711),’I am the Path… I am the Light’ (1979-1111); Who said “You will be calling me ‘Christ, Christ’ and I will not recognise you” (1982-1226), and “Those who are not against me are with me” (1982-0711), and who also said , ‘Know Thyself’ (1995-1224), and ‘Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes’ (1986-0907); Who washed the feet of His disciples (1980-0927); Who converted the water into wine (1987-1225)

– at the time of Christ, wine was never fermented, or alcoholic, but was simply, as it still is today in some places, unfermented grape juice (1981-0328)… alcohol is the rotten wine (1987-1225)

Of whom Markendeya said 12-14000 years back, that he would be so humble… and that he would be the 9th among 10 Incarnations (1981-1006); His Mother was the Mahalakshmi, the central power of sustainance, pure sustainance, pure holiness, pure innocence… such a powerful woman she was… very powerful (1981-1006)

Who was born in Jerusalem (1981-0330)… at 12 o’clock in the night… while… I am born 12 o’clock in the day time (1997-1230)… into very poor circumstances, in a manger, to show that there is no need to have money or property to be impressive on people (1995-1224); Who, when he was born, a star came up… and that’s how the King Herod came to know about him… and you know the story, what happened. If you are born with any striking signs, the negativity immediately finds you out (1980-0505); Who was not attached to material things… who never bothered with the small things of life. He lived as a carpenter’s son, in a very uncomfortable place, where there were are all kinds of nails, and instruments, and filled with wood, on which He slept (1982-1226); Who, it is said went to Kashmir in India, and met King Shalivahana, and was advised by him to return and tell the people about Nirmala Tattwa, the pure principle of Life. This He did, and 3½ years later was crucified (1995-1224); Whose public life was limited to 3½ years only (1985-0000.1)

Christ forgave those who attacked him, but he would not have forgiven anyone who attacked the Mother (1987-1023), the Holy Ghost, the Adi Shakti (1979-0928); Who includes in His Lord’s Prayer: ‘Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us’ (1995-1224); Who was the first incarnation to declare himself, which he did as a small child in the temple after reading from the scriptures on a Sunday, saying to the multitude that he was the Advent, the Incarnation who was the Saviour (1979-1202.1)

If you read the story of the birth of Shri Ganesha… and then you proceed on, you’ll be surprised it’s written that it was called as Brahmanda… means the egg of the Brahma, that came into existence… and half of it became Mahavishnu, means the Christ… and half of it remained as Shri Ganesha; If you see Christ, he always used these 2 fingers… no other Incarnation has used these 2 fingers… this is Vishuddhi, and this is Nabhi… that means he is talking of his father, who was the Nabhi King, Shri Vishnu… and his Incarnation as Shri Krishna. So he is indicating that they are my father. How clearly he does that… why not have some other Mudras, other style of holding the fingers… always… these 2 fingers… meaning my father, the one who was Vishnu, and who was Shri Krishna (2000-0423)

Then in the life of Shri Krishna, they say Mahavishnu will be your son. All these things are not put together as I am telling you… but separately… but if you have proper understanding, you can understand the connection… that Christ was the son of Shri Vishnu and Shri Krishna… and was blessed that… ‘you will be the support of the whole Universe’… the support, the Adhara of the whole Universe. Now the one half is Shri Ganesha, who is the support in a way… it supports the Kundalini… it looks after the Kundalini… it looks after the chastity of the Mother… and the another one which is expressed is Jesus Christ, who is the support of the whole Universe… so naturally it has to be the moral basis… as he is a part and parcel of Shri Ganesha… it’s the moral basis of human beings… the moral basis… will be supported… and which is missing in the lives of Christianity (2000-0423)

Christ stood for morality… and about him also in these modern times they are saying all kinds of filthy things… they cannot understand a character which is moral… to this extent we have gone… you do whatever you like as long as you go to church and confess, then you are alright… these are the absurdities of modern religions… every religion has problems… and the worst I feel, is… when you have the support of the world as your leader… then how can you tolerate such an immoral life… such immorality… when you follow the example of Christ – he is Shri Ganesha (2000-0423)

Now at the Agnya where Christ resides… if your eyes are impure, full of lust and greed, then you are against Christ. If your eyes are clean and pure, then only you can enjoy the love of God… otherwise you cannot… and also the love of another Sahaja Yogi or Yogini you can only enjoy in completeness if your eyes are clean… just imagine… but if you have roving eyes, and all sorts of things I don’t see how you can call yourself Christians… you cannot. Those who are following Christ have to have absolutely a moral life… that’s a compulsion of the inner being on you… that you enjoy your morality… and above all your clean eyes. First of all see that you have pure love in your eyes. Now pure love… cannot have lust and greed in it… these 2 things have to drop out from your mind completely (2000-0423)

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