Whose Avatar is Christ, who was born into very poor circumstances, in a manger, showing that there is no need to have money or property in order to be impressive on people. Yet the Christians are those who are the most self indulgent people, slaves of ‘money’ and ‘watches’ (1995-1224), and who will seek the best bed for themselves, or the best house, and will not tolerate any small thing, but will start shouting… so low minded (1982-1226); Who, although Christ includes in His Lord’s Prayer: ‘Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us’, nonethe-less are full of hatred and of ego, and cannot ask for forgiveness (1995-1224)

Who misunderstand the message of Christ, thinking that the message is of the crucifixion, while it in fact is of the resurrection (1995-1224); Who don’t want to talk about the Counsellor but about the last Kalki… just to frighten the people so they will stick on (0.0005)

Those born into the Christian Religion, think that Christ is their own, that He resides in their pockets, but on the contrary it is the other way round… He has nothing to do with them, and is against them, who have not ‘lived’ like Christians, and are not in the real sense people who follow Christ – “You will be calling me ‘Christ, Christ’ and I will not know you” (1982-1226)

It is the Christians who have all the dead bodies in the churches. They also are interested in dead things, like clairvoyants, mediums. It is very dangerous to go near these things and may lead to cancers, epilepsy, heart attacks, accidents, financial ruin etc. (1981-0330); In Christ’s life there is nothing that could be pointed out as a sin, nothing of an ambiguous nature, but Christianity is just the opposite (1987-1225); In Christianity… they had no place for Mary (1983-0821)… and on top of that, in Christianity… ordination is not given to the women (1983-0821)

It is important for Sahaja Yogis from the West to stand up… and to make your lives pure… to make yourselves pure… it is for Sahaja Yogis to bring back the glory of Christ, to bring back the dharma of Christ, to reflect the great image of Christ – who could be a better ideal than Jesus Christ (1987-1225); We have to ‘be’ like Christ, and rise higher and higher into that realm which Christ has created for us, the limbic area, which is the Kingdom of God (1982-1226)

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– end – 1 Jun 2003