To cleanse yourself and to put yourself right is of course a very important duty of every Sahaja Yogi. You should not be identified with those problems that you have, but try to face them and cure them. It is creditable for all of you very much, that despite all the complications, and all the kinds of brain washing, all the book reading, all the so called seeking and all that nonsense that one has gone through, that you have come out of it (1987-1213)

But you do not understand your responsibility… what you are doing… by not paying attention to your cleaning… by not paying attention to your spiritual growth, you are not helping me at all… because these vibrations do not flow out… they have to flow through you… you are the channels. If you do not keep yourselves clean and humble and meek about it, it doesn’t work out (1980-0927); How much it is necessary for you to rise above your lower self… one should understand that and not to indulge into nonsense that you are doing… you have to work hard for that… even if you have to get up in the morning, you have to get up and do it. You should understand your responsibility… that’s the main point is (1980-0927)

This is our way of life… is to keep ourselves cleansed… this is bathing ourselves. All those things which are filthy within us… take them out. All those who have to be Sahaja Yogis, and have to live in ashrams, have to soak their feet every night, and have to meditate

– because your egos pass from each other… it’s contamination… complete contamination… try to humble down (1980-0907)

Some people don’t do anything… and they’re supposed to be Sahaja Yogis. Some people do not even soak their feet in water… do not even meditate… I do not know how they are Sahaja Yogis… I just cannot understand. Everyday you must soak your feet in water… every morning you must beat yourself with shoes… if you have the chance, you should do it… that’s how you cleanse… that’s a part (1980-0907); Use water as much as you can… wash your hands 10 times… is very essential… to get your vibrations alright you must wash your hands (1980-0927)

Some think that whatever we do, we are Sahaja Yogis – you do not become Sahaja Yogis at all… those who do not meditate. You see, Sahaja Yogis are to be decided by the Divine… not by you. If you are genuine, if you are simple, God knows you are alright… you will be there – if you are not, He will throw you out (1980-0907)

Now for Sahaja Yogis as I say there should be no ritual… ritualistic things always make you absolutely dead… there should not be… like early in the morning you start with a mantra… and go on repeating mantra like a mechanical thing… it’s absolutely paying no respect to the Deity. But in a proper way… whichever Deity you want to awaken… think of that Deity, try to cleanse it, with all the understanding and deliberations… with respect… with a protocol… and not just to take somebody’s name and just go on chanting any mantra you feel… it’s not a mechanical thing. Sahaja Yoga is a thing which has to come from the heart… it is heart felt… if you do not do it from your heart it has no meaning (1981-0511)

You may carry on like that, but you’ll find after some time you have lost your vibrations… you have lost the cool breeze… because heart doesn’t like mechanical things… every day it does new things… it never sticks onto habits… it never sticks on the same routine of things… it’s bubbling every day with new appearances… and so the mechanical things that you do deaden this power of Saraswati… one has to do it with complete love towards yourself and toward others… with complete esteem of your being and others (1981-0511)

– Jai Shri Mataji –

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– end – 8 Mar 2003