Clearing Out


Clearing Out

You are not to use your thinking for correcting your chakras – you cannot think about it and sort it out. What you can do is put bandhans, or you can give yourself a balance… with your hands… you have to move your hands and not your brains… alright. In your hand it is flowing… whether you are catching or not catching, it is flowing from your hand… it is there… the flow from your hand is there… little bit is always there (1980-0907)

Sahaja Yoga does not work on mental level… it works on the Spiritual level, which is much higher than the mental level. Some people still live on the mental level, and try to solve problems on that level, and that’s why all these problems start coming up. If you have certain chakras catching, try to improve your chakras with the photograph… with all due respect to the photograph… it is only the photograph that is going to work it out (1983-0121)

You can coin your own mantras, because you have some sort of an authority which you can use, and every mantra that you will say will be awakened… even if you are not yet out of your possessions, still you will work it out… still you can raise the Kundalini of others… and nothing will go wrong with the person whose Kundalini you are raising… to that purity it is (1979-1111)

One chakra overwhelmingly not working alright in most western people is the heart… you have to purify your heart by looking at the photograph and putting all loving feelings about your Mother… understanding Her work… and putting Her into your heart… the heart has to be clean… absolutely surrendered… and we must try to put the Mother before everything else. You have to work it through your heart, and not your brain (1983-0121)

Now we have got different mantras for different chakras… if one chakra is catching, then you work on that chakra only, and develop your mantras on that. For example, if you want to say something for your heart, first of all you must ask forgiveness from God, because your attention has not been so much as it should have been, on the Spirit. Or if you have done any mistakes, ask for forgiveness. Now you have to ask from your heart… whatever you have to say, say it from your heart (1980-0907)

When you are saying the mantra, put your attention without thought to that particular chakra… but if you are thinking, then you are again catching the heart much more. By thinking, the right side gets overactive, the ego develops… and engulfs the heart. So by ‘thinking’ how to correct the ego, the worse you become – then you are fighting it. So we have to give a balance… bring down your ego… with your hands. Not mentally you resolve it, but through your vibrations and mantras… mantras are very important for Sahaja Yogis; For ego you say ‘Mother you are our ego… we don’t do anything… you do everything’ – if you say like that, it will work out… otherwise it will not; Be humble… be humble in your heart. What you have to surrender is your ego… means your thinking; If you are thinking, open your eyes, and say ‘I forgive, I forgive’… even if you take my name, it’s sufficient (1980-0907)

Now when you are facing the photograph, just to check up yourself, humble down yourself first of all, like a person who wants to perfect himself… and try to find out what is wrong with you. Humble down means to bring down your attention to your heart… don’t think. Now see what chakras are catching… you need not judge ‘why’ you are catching… that’s not important for us. It is catching… alright… so you don’t go on a trip of thinking; Once you start ‘thinking’, then there’s a barrier between the Spirit and you – in any art or in any deftness, that’s how the creativity, the spontaneity is finished… by thinking. So do everything in silence… in thoughtless awareness… that’s the main point. Try at least to see my face without thinking… my face itself makes you thoughtless… on the photograph you can watch my face without thinking… and it will work out. Silence your mind (1980-0907)

Then in meditation, you should say ‘Mother, make me the Spirit’… ‘I am the Spirit… Mother I am the Spirit’… you start seeing through the eyes of the Spirit everything… then you do not feel bad… you laugh at yourself… make fun of yourself… you enjoy yourself… joke with yourself… and the whole thing becomes a joke. In the privacy of your rooms you can do all these things, you can work it out. If you have to rub or to massage, you can use oil, or even powder… to reduce the friction. You can use lemons, water, light, ether (Akasha), the sea… all these things you can use to cleanse yourself (1980-0907)

Once you start facing yourself through the Spirit, you won’t be so frightened… and you will be amazed that really you are beautiful and all these things will drop out. The best way to be with your Spirit is to forgive, because then your thoughts will go away. The less you think, the faster you move with your Realisation… do not argue it out… just try to become… you have to become; Don’t think… then the inspiration will come to you from within, and when the inspiration will be coming, then you’ll find that it will be very different, it will be very beautiful (1980-0907)

Diarrhoea and also vomiting… it’s clearing out… that’s good for you. It’s the drugs and bad Gurus that spoil the void, and when you come to Sahaja Yoga, it comes out in this way… let it be. After Puja if it is happening, it is very good… it should happen after Puja (1988-1221); Ajwain dhuni is a very good thing… it just clears you out completely (1988-1221); If you see the bhoots sitting there, just get rid of them. It is very simple… just tell them ‘in the name of Shri Mataji get out'(Sic)… alright. But when you say that ‘in the name’, what is the strength of your faith in that name (1980-0518)

Some of the things are sucked by the Mother Earth… some are sucked by the flame… can be the flame… can be the fire… the Sun also sucks in… the sky also… depends on what centres you have in problem… on what problems you have… alright. But on the whole, the Mother Earth is the most gracious thing… she helps the maximum I think (1982-1008)

– Jai Shri Mataji –

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– end – 6 May 2003