Clearing Right Side


Clearing Right Side

If you find that your right side is hot, what you do is put your right side towards the photograph, and your left side up towards the ether… the ether takes away the heat. But what actually happens is that your right side gets the vibrations, and the heat is pushed towards your left and passes out into the ether. Now this heat comes from too much futuristic living… and this heat has to go away. For that, there are various things we have to use, but mainly for right sided people, they should not use any light at all… they should not sit in the Sun… but should sit in the moonlight. They should read some poetry… and should tie up their watches, and not look at time… and they should allow time to pass. And should just become very sort of emotional people… and should sing songs of bhakti. They should not do Hatha Yoga – there are many things they should not do (1988-0921)

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1988-0921 Speech at Ammonk Ashram, New York good 35

– end – 24 Apr 2003