Comfort enslaves (1983-0131); Comfort has ruined you… you must understand – these are terrible conditionings. You must try to be a little uncomfortable. This conditioning has to be reduced as much as possible (1982-1231); With right sided people, the brain is so wobbly… that you just can’t bear any discomfort… a slight discomfort in the body makes you very very upset (0.0011); We don’t worry about physical comforts, but about Spiritual comforts (1996-0505); The so-called comforts are nothing but the enslavement of your Spirit… get out of it… it’s a nonsense (1983-0104)

When your attention is on the Spirit, then you don’t feel the discomfort of nature, or of worldly things; That is the first sign… when a Sahaja Yogi starts complaining about comforts, that is the first sign that he is not a Sahaja Yogi as yet (1986-1225)

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– end – 17 Jun 2003