The Kundalini is nourished by pure love and compassion, and by avoiding involvement into any relationships (1992-0621); She is your Mother, the source of all love and compassion… full of kindness, and forgives all you have done (1979-0616); The Kundalini of Sahaja Yogis is made of love, pure love. The pure love has only pure desire… is to love… love everyone equally (1992-0621)

What we often think of as compassion is actually nothing but sympathy, and gets us nowhere (1985-0408); Sympathy will only bring you in trouble; When… your attention is active, and acts… with no involvement… then that… is compassion. You have to cleanse your attention for that… and have attention that is silent, witnessing, not involved, but is dynamic – it works. So ‘concern’ is the point (1987-0408); It should be benevolent… for one’s Hita (1986-0305); Compassion is Joy giving; The Spirit is the ocean of compassion – open your heart to others (1982-1101)

If you are having compassion for others… then you don’t catch – you catch because you don’t have compassion – a mother never gets a disease from her child… she’ll never get a disease from her child… it’s a fact. In the same way… when you really ‘love’… you’ll never catch anything (0.0011)

Do not show compassion to the bad people. You must know that those who are good are good, and those who are not are horrid… because they are basically horrid… they are evil… they are evil geniuses. We should not be sympathetic towards them at all… those who are evil are evil. They are anti God, anti Christ… they are our enemies… we have nothing to do with them. We must discriminate between good and bad… if you cannot do that, then you will be in trouble (1987-1220)

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– end – 24 Jun 2003