They have competition of ego… lots of competitions… like beauty competitions… this… that… all these things actually give the person ego… and others also run after… they think… I should be like that… so it’s very deadening. In the heart of hearts we like humble people… and if we want others to like us, we should be also very humble (2000-1225); In India… many sensible people opposed a beauty competition there… because it’s like selling your body, and making money. If you get money by selling your body… it’s prostitution… you are not supposed to sell your body… but, you should dress up well – so one has to have respect for the body (1997-1005)

Competition and jealousy should be brought round… there should be competition between… the one that you ‘were’… and what you ‘are’… your ‘present’ should go faster, and faster… leaving this ‘past’ behind as much as you can. There should be no competition between Sahaja Yogis in acquisition… or in shouting, screaming and being harsh to others… let us have competition in compassion, in mildness, in sweetness, in beautiful behaviour… who is more cultured… more gentlemanly… who is deeper. The competition between women and men must be stopped… women must have their own place… and men must have their own place. So the competition should end in sharing (1983-0321)

We have to compete in getting up earlier, in finishing our bath earlier, in putting everything neatly. All of you should put everything neatly… be smart, be quick. Then you should not pay attention to nonsensical things, but try to put your attention while walking or anywhere, on the Mother Earth. If there are thoughts coming, just you see that you stop the thoughts… and you can’t afford to have wobbly eyes in Sahaja Yoga… that’s very wrong. If that happens, try to put down your eyes, because these eyes cannot allow your Kundalini to rise (1987-1224)

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– end – 7 Apr 2003