Men and women are complimentary; Like the left hand must have also the right hand… it’s like that… it’s all one sum total together. But if you see… how… complimentary powers work… like left side is complimentary to the right side… but they cannot be the same… they have to be opposite… otherwise how are they complimentary. So one should respect the wives… and the wives should respect the husbands… because they are complimentary (1995-0625)

It is better to have diverse company, so that you supplement each other better… than to be attracted towards people who are of the same nature. Like somebody who is a show-off… you see he must say something to show off all the time… now another showoff should run away from him… he should sit with a person who is a shy person – this is very different style from that of the negative people… because in negativity, two negatives must join together… nicely… to become real negative. But in Sahaja Yoga, two opposites must meet… to be good Sahaja Yogis – but this must be done in complete freedom… in complete understanding (1977-0126.1)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1977-0126.1 Bordi Attention – see 1977-0126.1 poor 40 1995-0625 Richmond Park talk, Richmond Not good 45

– end – 20 Jun 2003