To remove a bhoot without getting it into yourself, firstly of course, put yourself into bandhan. Then there are different ways according to the different bhoots. When dealing with someone who is possessed, you should take an aggressive stance, take a higher position, go with great force on that person. There should be no compromise. Tell him to “Sit Down…!” Then ask questions to ascertain the nature of the problem. After putting yourself in bandhan, ask if he has gone to any guru… find out which one. Ask if he still ‘believes’ in that guru. If he does, do not say ‘sorry’, but say ‘we cannot help you, go away’. But if he says ‘yes I have a problem, I am in trouble, I am possessed etc.’, then you can continue, by asking the name of his guru, what is his mantra, how many years he has been with his guru etc.… then you will know what is the mantra to use (1980-0517.2)

There’s nothing to be frightened… of… anyone. Because someone is going to say some harsh words, that’s why you don’t want to do something – such compromising people. There is no compromise in Sahaja Yoga (1983-0723.3); In Sahaja Yoga, we respect the leaders – though they may not be perfect. They must know how to correct others, because sometimes we need it, and we accept that, because we want our ascent. Leaders should be kind, compassionate and good, but not to compromise with nonsense and laziness; The first thing that we get into in Sahaja Yoga is laziness – do not compromise with laziness (1987-1016)

There are all kinds of things that you have got from your past… and you must try to get out of it… otherwise you cannot rise high. A person who is not innocent, cannot worship Shri Ganesha… those who are not innocent, play ‘games’, try tricks, gossip, indulge in filth… he cuts them out. Innocence is a very sharp thing… it does not have any compromise… which you can see in the life of Christ. With his trunk, Ganesha throws people out… he sees for a while, and if people remain still half baked, they are thrown out of Sahaja Yoga. Innocence gives you complete sincerity, and Ganesha is the judge… and he is the one who throws you out on the periphery… like a tangent you get out of Sahaja Yoga… and then you go down and down and down… and you may develop horrible diseases of the Mooladhara chakra (1984-0902); Half-baked… those who compromise with the Devil, and speak of God (1982-0711)

Shiva tolerates a lot of nonsense, because he is fond of forgiving… and Vishnu tries to play, or to punish, or to kill… but Ganesh Tattwa has no compromise of any kind, and when Christ is going to come in the Ekadesha form… there will be no compromise, no Mataji, no crying, no argument, nothing… Shri Ganesha himself will throw people into Hell… so be careful on that (1984-0902)

Kalki is devoid of any compassion. There are 11 Rudras, 11 destructive, destroying powers absolutely settled in him… which are guarding the beauty of Sahaja Yoga. Anybody who tries to play around with Sahaja Yoga is harmed very badly. Don’t try to trouble anybody who is a Saintly person, a good person… nor to play tricks with the Divine… because Kalki is already on! Be careful about it because once this power comes on you, you will not know how to hide yourself. Not only to Sahaja Yogis, but this I am telling to the whole world today – be careful… don’t take it easy, and do not compromise with nonsensical people – stick onto the ‘Right’. The day is very near when Kalki is going to come. Be careful. Do not try to harm others, or take advantage of others, and do not show off your own powers, because once this destruction will start in your life, you won’t know how to stop it (1979-0928)

The Kundalini is the one that thinks… the one that understands… the one that loves you, and knows each and everything about you in this life and the life before. She is absolute dharma, absolute righteousness, absolute purity… the ideal-most personality that you could think of, which doesn’t tolerate any nonsense, falsehood, or untruth. She’s Nirmala… She’s pure – purity personified. She doesn’t accept any compromise… and She is within you… see how beautiful you are. She is not afraid of anyone… cannot be enticed, enchanted or tempted by anything… and She loves, but Her love is that pure… that nothing is higher for Her than Her own love. She never reconciles to anything, and She is the one who gives you your Self Realisation. So we have to find out methods of pleasing Her… what makes Her so unhappy… why doesn’t She want to rise… we have to find out the means and methods (1979-1111)

So it is essential that you take up Sahaja Yoga in the most dedicated manner, and give up all these things that make you compromise, and make you a horribly mixed up person. Only Sahaja Yoga is going to cleanse you, and make you an absolutely positive person. This is the only way (1979-0928)

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– end – 11 Mar 2003