Are those things, that without finding out the truth about them, you have just accepted them as they are… so if you can find out the truth about these things, you will give them up… you may (1980-0517.1); When it is conditioning, you are in doubts, with this kind of a fear… that ‘I shouldn’t do like this’… ‘I shouldn’t do like that’… ‘this is not allowed’… ‘that is not allowed’… that is the conditioning part of it, and can be of many types (1998-0510); We are conditioned by blind faith, and superstitions (1983-0129)… by the different religions we are born into… by the Nationality we acquire when we are born (1989-0619); We have so many conditionings, and we have come here (India – Ed), to get out of them… first of all our comforts; Conditioning has to go… has to be reduced as much as possible (1982-1231); Conditionings kill joy, and must be cleaned out (1996-0505)

With conditionings you develop a superego, by which you can be a person who is very frightened, who takes aggression from others, who is very subdued, over subdued… you run away from your duties… you escape from things… lots of things are there if you are overdeveloped on the left side (1980-0809)

Give up all superstitions, fanaticisms, and fears… nothing can harm us now: no stars, no science, nor time of birth, none of these can affect us now… all Astrology, horoscopes, karma, palmistry, biorhythms, love affairs, fears of love affairs, all are finished now. All expectations are finished. Now is only Love… is Joy. Whatever is gone, is gone… is finished – the leaves that fall from the tree don’t rise again, and get attached to the tree; What is new that is coming in, is to be nurtured – is the Joy… that dignified, majestic beauty within ourselves. Then we don’t get upset, we are not bothered what others say… and others will see that dignity (1980-0517.1)

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– end – 24 Jun 2003