So how much he (Hanumana) gives us… I mean we can say if Ganesha gives us the wisdom… then he (Hanumana) gives us the power to think… and he protects us also that we should not think of bad things… that is we can say that if Ganesha gives us the wisdom… then Shri Hanumana gives us the conscience. I hope you understand the difference between the two… if wisdom is there you do not need conscience so much… because you are wise, you know what is good what is bad… but conscience is needed in a personality where he is to be controlled… and that control comes from Shri Hanumana… which is the conscience in the human being. Now this conscience which is in Shri Hanumana is the subtle form of him which gives us in Sanskrit is called as Sat(a)Sat Vivekabuddhi… Sat means truth… Asat means untruth… and Viveka means discrimination… and Buddhi means intelligence… so intelligence to discriminate between truth and untruth is given to us by Shri Hanumana (1990-0831)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1990-0831 Hanumana Puja, Germany good 45

– end – 19 Oct 2003