The Vishuddhi looks after the cooling function – the liver gives heat, whilst the cooling is done by Vishuddhi. If the Vishuddhi is good, then there is a bloom on the face, a glow, a sparkle in the eyes (1983-0202); Vishuddhi chakra looks after so many things, especially your skin, your eyes… people who have bad Vishuddhi can have all kinds of funny troubles with their skin… of course it has to do with your liver, but skin is… the way it shines… the way it glows… depends on how you smile… how you look at the world. Many people have a habit of smiling for nothing at all… especially women I have seen… they just smile stupidly… that’s not proper… one should not be stupid… stupidity is against Shri Krishna (1986-0823)

The Moon represents the Atma… the cooling capacity – you are all on the right side… so you ask for the Moon… ask for the Spirit (.0011); A right sided person has all the elements which give heat… you can say the light and the fire… so to correct it, light is not going to help very much. What is going to work out is the Mother Earth and the water element which is cooling… even ice is very helpful to people who are right sided. So all cooling effects should be used for correcting your right sidedness. The same with food… those who are right sided should take to foods which are left sided i.e. carbohydrates, and should become partly vegetarian, and should eat things at the most like chickens, but not fishes or sea food, because they are all hot (1983-0121)

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– end – 22 Mar 2003