Correcting Left Side


Correcting Left Side

It is the side of our conditionings, attachments, and habits. These problems can be destroyed by Shri Bhairava, who controls this channel, and also can be cured by putting left hand to the Photo, and the right hand on Mother Earth (1989-0806); The right side subtle system is raised and taken over to the left side, by movement of the right hand, to bring system into balance (1983-0121), and done if we are feeling sleepy, or lazy – then put Right to Left 7 times, with the Right hand, whilst watching Mother, or it can be done also with the Photo (1982-1101)

A left sided person (someone who is too much in the left side), cannot enjoy the fun of collectivity, and can be very negative, and depressive, finding problems everywhere, but it can be cured by putting left hand to the Photo, or to the Mother, and the right hand on Mother Earth (1989-0806)

Some of you might start feeling hot in the hands… maybe some of you… if so, you can just throw it away… or… those who are feeling the left hand hot, please put your right hand on the heart (1979-0524)

The left side is to be cleared… through the light. Light is put before the photograph… left hand towards the photograph… right hand on the Mother Earth… so the left hand gets the light, and the light passes through, and the negativity of the left side passes through the right hand… which is on the Mother Earth… so the Mother Earth is the one who sucks in all these negative forces of the left side (1988-0921)

Left sided people should use the light or the fire to correct their left side (1983-0121); Those who are left sided… who have left side problems, should use as much as possible a good ghee lamp… and see me through the flame. A candle is nice to look at… but… I don’t think that wax is so good (1984-0214)

To correct a left side catch, we can keep our eyes focused on the ground, or use the Mahakali or Ida Nadi Swamini mantras, or the Surya mantra (1980-0517.2); For left side problems, give bandhan or burn your name (1987-0408); If the left hand is shaking, put the right hand on your heart (whilst taking vibrations – Ed) (1983-0302); Left sided people should beware of grouping with others who are like minded (1989-0806), should not do exercises which are forward bending (1984-0313), and may be helped by eating more nitrogenous foods, i.e. proteins (1984-0313; 1983-0121)

To get into the centre, to achieve balance, first we move out of the left side to the right side, and from there to the centre. If you are feeling lethargic, are unable to get up, or are feeling sleepy or not alert, plan what you will do and get into action. Even doing Puja is a good idea. Then when you are into action, in order to get into the centre, just watch everything, just witness… say to yourself that you are not doing it (1980-0517.2)

Clear your Mooladharas (1983-0104); If you are in Maharashtra, and you have any problem of Mooladhara, then if you sit down on the ground, and put your left hand towards the photo and the right hand on the Mother Earth, and say the Shri Ganesha mantra, or the Atharvasheersha, your left side will be cured… means the left Swadisthan first of all. So if you take vibrations on the left side, then you clear out your Mooladhara in such a manner that the problems of Mooladhara are solved. Of course Mother Earth is everywhere, but this you can’t do anywhere else ‘that’ good… because this is a special place for Mooladhara chakra, where it clears you very much, and fills you with holiness and auspiciousness. So try to sit on the ground as much as you can, and try to meditate with your left hand towards the Sun and the right hand on the Mother Earth (1988-1207); Cures also include, watching the Mother without blinking (1983-0113.2)

These flowers when you give them to me, they give you two things

– flowers are very important… if they are beautiful, then they give to Swadisthan… if they are fragrant, they cure your Mooladhara. Now think of it… you are doing it to improve your chakras (1980-0927) Problems of the stomach area are helped by taking vibrated salt, which absorbs all that is mobile… for left side problems take salt

(1978-1005); Proteins are… useful for correcting an imbalance, where the person is too much on the left side of the subtle system (1983-0121)

The heart can be opened out by Sahaja Yoga, by one thing… by saying ‘Mother, come in my heart’… just say it 12 times… it works (1988-0921)

To correct the left Vishuddhi, put left hand towards the Mother, (or the photo), and right hand on Mother Earth, give a bandhan to the left Vishuddhi, and say in your heart: “Mother I am not guilty”. But these become rituals if you do not say it from your heart (1986-0305; 1985-0901); On left Vishuddhi point Mother says She fails… it is for us to do it. Forget the past – now you belong to a new family, a Holy family – people who are saints are sitting here, and amongst them you are (1985-0901)

If you tell someone he is catching left Vishuddhi, he will become even worse – what a vicious circle it is. So how to correct it, how to break the vicious circle, is to face it… tell yourself ‘No! I have done this today… tomorrow I am going to do it… No! Stop it now! Stop!’ – give yourself shocks. If you have done something wrong, punish yourself, for example by not doing something that you would like to do normally (1985-0901); So we have to correct the instrument… now if you think you are the electricity, you can correct it, but if you think you are the instrument you can never correct it (1980-0907)

With the Hamsa… if the problem is from the left side, then this may be corrected by keeping the eyes focused on the ground, or by using Ida Nadi Swamini, or Mahakali mantras, or the Surya mantra (1980-0517.2); Problems can include shooting headaches on one side, or sinus problems, and may result from being overloaded with decision making. Avoid eating anything that is sharp or sour (MME); Also may result from dry conditions in home or workplace, and can be corrected by the use of ghee or oil in the nose – just one drop in each nostril, morning and evening (1984-1005; 1987-0408)

Now if you have left Agnya… that means there is a possession on it… somehow; What is the mantra for this… for back Agnya… is Mahaganesha… Mahabhairava… correct (1981-0904); Also ‘Hum’… is a mantra… which sends the message: ‘don’t be afraid’… ‘I am’ – ‘Hum’ drives out fear, and invokes the help of the Divine, and is used to correct Superego problems of fear, feeling subordinated, worries, conditionings (1978-1218); If they have a problem with the Agnya, they should use a candle at the back… if their eyesight is getting weak, or is short-sighted (1983-0209); At the back we ask for forgiveness (1989-0801), where we have to say… ‘if we have made any mistake… oh God forgive us’ (1979-0722); Light is used on the back Agnya… light… has to be given… if the back Agnya is not alright (1995-0625)

This right and left side movement has to finish… you have to be in the centre, and to come in the centre the best thing is to meditate… about 10 minutes in the night and about 5 minutes in the morning. Some people do not meditate… then they cannot grow. The way you can grow is only through meditation and understanding (1998-0706)

The cure for problems with Ekadesha Rudra is to give up wrong ideas, and wrong Gurus, and by accepting that Sahaja Yoga is the only way; Beat with shoes (1983-0204; 1984-0916; 1997-0316); If you bow before any wrong guru… you catch your Ekadesha Rudra (1981-0904); To neutralise… a guru, who has been a bad guru… you have to surrender to the Real Guru – if your guru is a real guru… then you surrender to the Mother of your real guru… because your real guru is also surrendered to this – she is the Mother of all the Gurus… of all the Prophets… of all the Incarnations. She exists… and after her… only Parabrahma is (1981-0904)

We have to be on guard to see what is closing the Sahastrara (1996-0505); To keep Sahastrara absolutely clear cut, we must listen to whatever I have told you, and obey it, as absolutely an ordained thing. To keep the Sahastrara clean is to open your heart… if your hearts are not open, how will I fill it up with my love… open your hearts to your fellow Yogis and Yoginis (1987-0503.1); To catch the Sahastrara is a very serious thing… you might develop Ekadesha with that, and you’ll be in trouble… the reason is… when you are a Sahaja Yogi… you have to recognise me… that’s the condition… if you do not, you will develop this Ekadesha, and I tell you then it is not possible to allow this Kundalini to come up… know that this Realisation was given by me… and nobody else (1983-0209); I can write a chapter, like a book, on Sahastrara because that’s my place… I know it so well (1981-1006)

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