Correcting by the Mother is for our Hita, for our own good, is said for our Hita – is ‘said’, in love… not ‘done’ (1983-0202); The problem is that when I say something, no-one thinks that I am saying about ‘you’… each person. You immediately start shifting your mind to other persons, finding fault with other people (1982-1219); Sometimes our Mother shouts at us… just once She shouts – immediately all the bhoots run away (1983-0113)

We accept correction, because we want our ascent. Leaders should know how to correct others, because sometimes we need it – they should be kind, compassionate and good, but should not compromise with nonsense, and laziness (1987-1016)

Left Vishuddhi is to be corrected by us ourselves, by facing it and telling ourselves ‘No… stop it now’, and by giving ourselves shocks, or punishments; Chastity is to be established not by giving bandhans, or by taking vibrations from the Mother and then getting lost, but by we ourselves correcting ourselves morning til evening… and facing ourselves and not feeling guilty (1985-0901)

Use your right Vishuddhi to shout at yourself: ‘Now will you please stop talking all this nonsense… stop showing-off’ (1983-0113); Our attitude should be… the Sahaja Yoga attitude is… we should correct ourselves, instead of correcting others… you should not try to correct others (1984-0214); You cannot correct others, you can only correct yourself – try to discriminate to see where you are going wrong (1980-1116)

Without asking, you are not to fix my program anywhere… without taking my permission… if you ever try to do such tricks with me, I’ll put you right. You know I have all the powers to correct you… so don’t take liberties with me anymore… I’m telling you… I’m warning you. Try to understand (1985-0629)


It is you who have to gain something out of Me (1983-0723.3); Whether I get angry with you, whether I scold you, or pamper you, whether I say “don’t do that…” or “don’t come very close to me… keep away”, anything that I do like that is benevolent… to you (1983-0723.3)

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– end – 24 Jun 2003