Cosmic Consciousness


Cosmic Consciousness

Which is the Highest of Highest, which is the Param Tattwa, the Principle of all the Principles, and controls all the principles of all the 5 elements (1986-0706); The One that creates, co-ordinates, plans into all the details, the One that loves through it’s creation, through it’s expression, is that Cosmic Consciousness, the Brahma. We are part and parcel of that – we are not only in it, we can handle it, regulate it, use it and work it out. When we are in this state, we are the Guru (1986-0706)

Tape References

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1986-0706 Guru Puja, Gmunden – see 1986-0706 good 55 1986-0706 Guru Puja talk/Pre Puja talk – Gmunden, Austria

– end – 26 Mar 2003